Romeo And Juliet Or A Bunny Boiler?

FoxmanShawn and Cherrybreeze will never win a Mr and Mr’s competition, but there usual love-hate relationship took a weird, and rather alarming change last night.

Falling out, making up, i love you, i hate you, blah blah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. But whether this was a pre organised troll staged by the King and Queen of Vaughn, or some seriously disturbed ‘pact’, i don’t know.

Either way, it was pretty uncomfortable to watch!

Listen carefully from the 2:20ish mark, how Cherry describes their relationship.

Then it just gets really disturbing.

This is some f*cked up sh*t man. By now, the Foxman is starting to take her seriously, and is starting to panic. Maybe the guest’s who were quite rightly pointing out that if she dies, Foxman will be responsible, made him see sense, and now he’s trying to get the Police to visit Cherry.

Only problem is, he’s ringing 911, when Zoe is in London UK!

I hope it was just a cry for help, and she was just drunk. This woman needs to be sectioned for her own good. I’ve seen many people over the years say they are going to kill themselves, sometimes over daft arguments with their partners, or through grief at losing a loved one.

But when they start to believe that they are some part of a Shakespearean love story, and that ending their lives together is what is meant for them, then this girl needs more than a box of antidepressants.



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