Lets Make jStevieo Rich

I’ve seen and heard some things over the years, but today must of been one of the oddest stories i’ve come across on Social Casting.

Watch and listen as jStevieo comes out with what’s probably the most hilarious guff you’ll hear all year.

So Stevieo gets 17.50 Euro’s every time somebody prank calls his home LMFAO…

This lad really does live in cuckoo land.  Let’s just imagine how the call to his phone provider went.

JSO:  Hello, i am getting prank calls and take away’s delivered to my home, can you help?

Phone Provider: Oh i am sorry to hear that, do you know how they got your details?

JSO: Yeah man, i get fucked out of my face on weed and heroin and i gave my address out on an envelope i showed to the camera and they were able to find my phone number through that.

Phone Provider: Oh i am sorry to hear that. What about if we pay you every time you get a call, and give you several hundred euro’s in compensation so you can have a wee break away for some sexy time with Bonnie, and you’ll still have enough money left over to buy some more heroin, so when you next fuck up, you won’t feel the hurt so bad. How does that sound.

JSO: Oh boy! that sounds great. I’ll tell the lads to keep pranking me so i can get so smacked out of my face, i won’t even hear the phone ring.

Jesus Christ, what planet does this dude live on?

Also notice how he kept showing his sun tan (the one he claims he got from his free holiday away) even though this past week has been a mega hot one all across Europe 😉

Now a cynic would say he’s just been lying in his back garden, sunbathing and trying to avoid his phone all week.

But not us of course 😉

But anyway, lets humour him and take him at his word. So you too can help jStevieo live the dream, just by simply ringing him on 0592-751629 as often as possible and let’s help him make enough for an early retirement.

Oh, one last thing, thanks for making MonkeySniffer look a fool again Stevie…all those posts she made on IP, telling everyone he was doxxing Caines family LOL.








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  1. Money Maker

    JSO i just made you 175.00 jajaja

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