Monkeysniffer – A Gift From God

What do fish, water, and fat Daniel all have in common?

They were all given us by God to enjoy.

On the back of Daniel posting the original image of a very young boy with a outfit on that has a penis on it, and a 7-8yr old girl holding her Fathers outfit penis in her hands, and claiming that’s normal, Daniel goes and does it again.

This time, he makes yet another post on IP, claiming, and this is his own words, that YouNow is “a site where Paedophiles go to groom children”


Care to explain why half your staff/ex staff have accounts on the same site Daniel?






He really is a gift from God 🙂










4 Thoughts to “Monkeysniffer – A Gift From God”

  1. Mr Blobby

    bless his stupid heart.

  2. BoscoFUCKINMoney

    How many of them casted there. Got any video? Just curious.

    1. Lol

      From the looks of it, the numbers next to the name indicates some type of a ranking system, probably gained by stuff you do in chat. You dont need to cast to be a creeper.

  3. Mr Blobby

    so monkeysniffer big scoop was a 22 yr old casts at younow lol

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