RealmanPwns Speaks His Mind

One thing you can’t accuse RealmanPwns of, is not being honest.

He might not be the most hygienic man alive, but what you see is what you get. Which in my book, makes him a better person than somebody who showers every day, but will constantly lie and throw you under the bus at every opportunity.

So when Daniel saw fit to make a post about shit in a toilet (no joke) RM hit back with some home truths about how they work over at Scuttles.

To be fair, you couldn’t argue with anything he said there.  Daniel, once again, bringing people in to his posts that have literally no part in what the story is about.

Remember how he went after theLeff, just because she was seeing a man Daniel hates?

Let’s not forget the sick, twisted pornographic Photoshop he made of Wintard, just months after she sadly passed away.

A young, troubled woman, who was desperate for professional help, mocked and ridiculed in an image that will never leave the Internet.

Add that to the fact that both Daniel and Scuttles have both been exposed as having a liking for following underage girls on Twitch, then who could argue with what RM accused them of?

The one good thing for Wintard, and anyone else who they have harassed and made sick ‘stories’ about, just may well get the justice they deserve soon, if what i am hearing is true.






3 Thoughts to “RealmanPwns Speaks His Mind”

  1. Daz

    LMAO this is gold. Good post

    “MonkeySniffer is a pedo” — RealMan

  2. Looks like scuttlepedos got rimmed a new asshole. realmanpwns was spot on!

  3. Snell Throckmorton Euramandyius III

    Ummmm, I sure hope you meant to say “reamed”.

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