Happy Birthday Rizzo

Today, 13th February, marks the birth date of everyone’s favourite caster, Jimmy ‘aye aye cherry pie’ Rizzo.

Known for being a gentle, sensitive, caring man, his request for a little birthday gift from his viewers was bound to be something inexpensive and useful.

A new keyboard maybe?

How about an extra disco light?

Or of course, the most obvious request would be a case of his beloved Stella Artois. I bet that’s what it is…you mark my words!

Oh, right!

Well, what people get up to behind closed doors is none of my business.

One thing though, if you are planning to buy him one, i hope you are cash rich.

You can buy them here

Although after taking a good look (just for research purposes only of course) i think you are going to struggle to find one with a hairy vagina.

That fashion went out in the 80’s.





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