Lardo: I’m The Latest Scuttlebutts Victim Please Help

It’s not caster related as such, seeing as Lardo is banned from near enough every casting platform going, but it is funny all the same.

Below is a Screenshot of an email received by Shawnio:

You can see it clearer HERE

Now with the address being Largo, Florida, i don’t think it would be unjust to assume it’s Lardo lol.

Now, this is where it’s gets interesting.

After Daniel (Monkeysniffer) telling us all how jStevio is a ‘victim’ does this now mean that Lardo is reduced to a ‘victim’ too?

If so, how ironic!

After years of claiming that they are the blog who, and i quote “puts fear” in to people, two of them now see themselves as victims.

Now for the hilarious part.

Lardo, who we assume made the report, has spent years harassing people like Pat, Scruffy, Mark, Olivia, and plenty more, is bringing the cops to his attention.

That’s like a bank robber calling the cops to say he’s been mugged.

Like i say, this is going to get very interesting, as i’m sure this will open the floodgates as to what Lardo and the blog get up too.

Get your drinks and popcorn ready folks, this could be hilarious 🙂








4 Thoughts to “Lardo: I’m The Latest Scuttlebutts Victim Please Help”

  1. ShawnioRapesHisSister

    “Below is a screenshot of an email received by shawnio”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No really, stop…my sides hurt. HAHAHHAHAHAHA I cant breathe, seriously. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. lardo a convicted criminal has to call police cause a guy in canada with a ponytail and a neckbeard scares him lol,oh man lardo the coward snitch. the blog people fear is a pussy farm for old men.

  3. close the shop

    who will be next from the scuttle cry babies to phone pc plod, and claim there being bullied. harassed etc. Snowflakes over at scuttles

  4. LongTallSally

    If Lardo is claiming to be a Vietnam veteran and scamming people for money that’s call stolen Valor and it is a Federal offense here in the United States

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