Mullly_58 – The New SexyChris?

It’s amazing the things some people will do for viewing figures or cash, especially when alcohol is involved. Say hello to Mully_58! Whatever SexyChris can do…so can Mully. Last night, after a few scoops of Caribbean Rum, and a moment of madness, Mully, who was stuck on about 8 viewers, declared that if he got 50 viewers, he would shave all his hair off. And as you’ll see, he’s not quite reached the Chris level of barbaric self mutilation…but hey, it’s his first attempt, give him time. Even the guests…

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The Hardwood Head: Fashion Craze For 2016?

Just another man shaving his head on Vaughnlive i thought when watching this live. Then when he had finished, it struck me, this could actually look quite good on some guys.   I’m on this shit as soon as my hair grows back. I’m going to have women drooling i tell ya. Sexychris, move over, SexyKarl with the the sexy horn is where it’s at soon 😉              

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