Mullly_58 – The New SexyChris?

It’s amazing the things some people will do for viewing figures or cash, especially when alcohol is involved.

Say hello to Mully_58!

Whatever SexyChris can do…so can Mully.

Last night, after a few scoops of Caribbean Rum, and a moment of madness, Mully, who was stuck on about 8 viewers, declared that if he got 50 viewers, he would shave all his hair off.

And as you’ll see, he’s not quite reached the Chris level of barbaric self mutilation…but hey, it’s his first attempt, give him time.

Even the guests were telling him he’s not on SexyChris’ level, i mean, no shaved eyebrows, or empty cans on the floor?

But even the King himself had to start with quite normal acts, before he made his way up to the title of head case of the year

So come on Mully, you heard the audience, step up your game dude.

Shaved eyebrows is a must if you are to even consider taking SexyChris’ title as trainwreck of the decade!

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