Sarah62: I Didn’t Deserve This DUI!

I’ve tried to stay impartial regarding Sarah62’s latest DUI, but Jesus Christ, this woman desperately needs a wake up call.

Yes, it might have been the other drivers fault for going through a red light, and maybe, Sarah wasn’t to blame for the actual crash.

But the fact is, she was over the legal limit when the crash happened, so just how she can keep on playing the victim here is beyond me.

Listen as she explains how she feels hard done by and amazingly claims “she didn’t deserve” this DUI.

This clip came straight after she had a rant at Joker444 for daring to publicly say that she deserved to spend time in jail for drink driving.

Does she seriously not realise that Joker has never been able to walk properly since the age of 10 because of a drink driver?

Did she really expect Joker, a man who has severe nerve damage and struggles to walk a few feet, to come out and feel sympathy for her?

She then even boasts that she’s got away with it “probably about 20 times before”

What is wrong with this woman, seriously?

On a lighter note, poor Josh tries his best to get a cuddle from her, but when Sarah is talking about herself, nobody interrupts, and his arm just gets tossed aside lol.

Josh needs to learn….Sarah ALWAYS comes first in the land of Sarah62!