Covid-19 Hits Belfast: We Are Being Taken Down (Updated 2nd May)

I’ve recently seen some rather bizarre alleged symptoms of the Covid-19 virus that’s crippling the entire globe. From muscle pain, to having diarrhea and more. But one symptom i haven’t come across yet, is insanity.

Well, that was until TOUT aka Middle_Finger emailed us with this almost hilarious response to our recent covering of Christopher While.


I mean, come on! Crimestoppers? I bet they didn’t even give him a reference number lol. MP’s? Jesus Christ 🙂

But the best part for me, is, ‘when it got doxed on your blog of the location of a VULNERABLE adult that is being ‘SLANDERED’ in him being a pedophile to Cumbria police’.

How the bloody hell do you slander somebody for being a Paedophile, when they have been convicted of child porn offences and are on the sex offenders register?

And secondly, it was road that posted, not an actual address. A road that Chris himself publicly admitted he would be around on a certain day.

Unlike the now lifetime banned Ruby, who was repeatedly making new accounts to post MeNellies actual home address.

As for getting a knock at the door, i’ve been getting told that since 2014 when this blog started. It’s never happened, and never will. Maybe because i spend time learning the actual law, and knowing what can be said and what can’t. But lets see if your complaints to the Police and MP’s bring you any success.

Good luck with that.

Anyway, i hope you recover from your illness and get your sane mind back asap.




Well well. What appears to be Belfast’s most affected Covid-19 victim, our Ben, aka Tout, has been issuing more Legal threats to us. Claiming that if anything else is written about him, he will be instructing his Legal team to have us closed down under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.


This moron obviously has no concept of reading Legislation. Ben, i implore you to find any Solicitor to even entertain you once they read this blog. I would love to see what your Solicitors Letter Before Action would say, and so would our readers, so it will be published for all to see.

Remember Chris’ Preston Crown Courts case, where the Court admitted they were watching this place? How strange, that the only contact i ever had from any Courts or Police, was by the Police asking for a copy of Chris bragging about failing to turn up at his set Court date. There was no request, or order, for any post or video to be taken down. Why do you think that was?

Now i understand you obviously have mental issues, but you are wasting your time trying to silence us from reporting facts. It’s not going to happen.

I fully expect another bunch of emails of you raging and having fantasy Legal thoughts, but to be honest, it’s getting boring now. Either try and bring a Legal case, or go fishing or something.




12 Thoughts to “Covid-19 Hits Belfast: We Are Being Taken Down (Updated 2nd May)”

  1. Wayne

    OMG, She is totally RETARDED.

    1. TOUT

      Who is “she”

      Darren Lee Sayward, a father. Middle aged. From Manchester. Likes teen girls. Even stalked one on Vaughnlive for 3 years.. Addicted to booze as much as Chris while is addicted to his. Claims to have a back injury but I don’t believe that part and I reckon he’s just blagging it for the sake of avoiding to have to get off his lazy arse and get a job..

  2. Barrow-town-cryer

    What is this person trying to say, that poor christopher does not know right from wrong, If he is that vulnerable and does not not what he is doing he would not be allowed to live on his own he would be in a secure hospital.

    1. TOUT

      No that’s is not what I am saying, what I am saying is that wankers like yourself, refuses to see it from another angle, other than the hate campaign that you’re all hell bent in dishing out towards a vulnerable adult. Hell why am I even bother trying to explain, you’s are all as daft as Chris. Good luck to you Karl in doing what you’re best at doing because I don’t need luck to be bringing down your blog, You seem to be doing a mighty fine job of it yourself.. You’re a shitebox Karl. Writing shite about other people. Nothing interesting within it that concerns yourself, it’s all about other people. Any more of anything written regards me being mentioned on this site, I have the right to take action myself. As because you Karl, who hadn’t gotten back to any of my PM messages I had sent, Speaks for itself to what kind of person you really are.

  3. TOUT

    Are you just acting stupid or were you born stupid??> You know just as much as I know that Chris lacks the mental capacity as anyone else. You been taking the piss of the fella going as far back as 2014. Sure Chris must have known what he done was wrong but the big question that’s stuck in my head is who pointed the fella into the direction of downloading child porn? If Chris say’s is right, that Menellie sent him some sort of link. Who’s to say at the time when the link Chris claims to have been sent that Chris didn’t know what content the download contained that MeNellie had sent him.. At least he admitted to being in possession of the of offensive content. Who grassed him up is also the question that saw the fella being prosecuted to then getting a conviction out of it? So many questions such as that to ask but is not even mentioned within this blog or even talked about by you and your followers. Or you and your followers just couldn’t give much of a damn to understand it from a vulnerable adult point of view. But just see the entire one sided situation that it is with yourself from your own point of views. Get a grip for fuck sake. Picking on a vulnerable adult yet MeNellie isn’t even getting any where near as much attention as what you’re giving Chris..

  4. TOUT

    Communications Act 2003

    Section 127 of the act makes it an offence to send a message that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character over a public electronic communications network.. The section replaced section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 1984 and is drafted as widely as its predecessor. The section has been used controversially to prosecute users of social media in cases such as the Twitter Joke Trial and Facebook comments concerning the murder of April Jones

    On 19 December 2012, to strike a balance between freedom of speech and criminality, the Director of Public Prosecutions issued interim guidelines, clarifying when social messaging is eligible for criminal prosecution under UK law. Only communications that are credible threats of violence, harassment, or stalking (such as aggressive internet trolling) which specifically targets an individual or individuals, or breaches a court order designed to protect someone (such as those protecting the identity of a victim of a sexual offence) will be prosecuted.

    Communications that express an “unpopular or unfashionable opinion about serious or trivial matters, or banter or humour, even if distasteful to some and painful to those subjected to it”

    Communications that are merely “grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false” will be prosecuted only when it can be shown to be necessary and proportionate. People who pass on malicious messages, such as by retweeting, can also be prosecuted when the original message is subject to prosecution. Individuals who post messages as part of a separate crime, such as a plan to import drugs, would face prosecution for that offence, as is currently the case.
    Revisions to the interim guidelines were issued on 20 June 2013 following a public consultation. The revisions specified that prosecutors should consider:

    whether messages were aggravated by references to race, religion or other minorities, and whether they breached existing rules to counter harassment or stalking; and the age and maturity of any wrongdoer should be taken into account and given great weight.

  5. Facts

    TOUT lets look at it this way if it was a link, And clearly Chris opened it for argument sakes Why on earth would he remain to keep them for a further two months!! lmao listen here facts ae facts vulnerable or not he is no saint he was prove guilty as I said in the court of law as he is guilty defending him makes me believe you and who does are in some pedophile circle? is this true?… And he is no saint .. let’s reflect on the time he hit his own mother with a hammer and then bite his stepdads thumb off?. what about the time he looked at his neighbor’s child in a sexual way and his neighbor gave him a black eye? the language he uses and racial attacks he did on babs? The time he also called the gas man to peoples homes for a prank? The endless times he went on cam4 and masterbated? And the time he inserted a bottle into his anus? Te times he almost burnt his flat down? The times he has LIED.. The endless money has had got donated while being on benefits? The times he rubbed shit all over himself for entertainment reasons? You will keep using that vunerable adult as a tool if he was vunerable he would not be living in his own home. He is able to cook clean and shopa nd pay his bills. Do you know also how mny times he has attacked people in reality and online and upset them endless and used them? All i see is ruby defending him and that brian trying to act english in his text with ” bloody ” comment and ” fella “And to accus karl of not doing enough about nellie, Nellie got blogged and exposed endless he got his time on being exposed and give it time he will make a mistake and get caught. but the issue here is NELLIE is innocent sad but true you are only guilty when proven guilty in court. I do belive YES he is a peadophile but my views do not stand up in court and beliefs BUT CHRIS has been proven guilty swollow that get over it .. he likes looking at them kind of images weather you like it or not!!

  6. Sam allardyce

    Oh Tout, i think you are being a bit deluded here with sticking up for a registered sex offender, and thats not hear-say or any form of sensationalism it is the truth!

    Anyway lets break down your post shall we?

    “Chris lacks the mental capacity as anyone else” – Hmm, do you really think that statement is correct? He has had a past history of playing people and getting what he wants (Usually money for alcohol) -he might not be the sharpest spoon in the knife drawer, but is that the sign of someone lacking a mental capacity??

    “You been taking the piss out of the fella going far back as 2014” – Sorry, but of all the shit that chris has done in the last few years, he’s brought upon himself.

    “Who pointed the fella into the direction of downloading child porn?”
    That is a good question, could of been anyone in his online circle of friends or people he actually knew in Barrow BUT it was Chris that did download it at the end of the day, his ISP and Police know this (thats why he got a sentence after all! ), and they would of monitored and checked all links and conversations he had with anyone around that time.

    “If Chris say’s is right, that menellie sent him some sort of link” (*see at the bottom!)

    Not sticking up for menellie here, but if he did and chris submitted that information to his solictors at the time,the police would of checked that line of information and would of been dealt with accordingly.
    Just for reference around that time of the investigation, Nellie’s pc was in at pc world being repaired (Or was it really being checked by the police?).

    “Who grassed him up?” (*see at the bottom)
    You must be stupid here Tout thinking he was grassed up, as he was being monitored by his ISP, thus is the reason why the police arrested him,with his computer gear getting seized and finding the sick images on his PC.

    “So many questions such as that to ask but is not even mentioned within this blog or talked about you or your followers”

    Sorry to burst your bubble here tout, but around the time of the court date (And the original one too!) It was talked about here with a lot of people pondering what was going to be instore for him if he was found guilty, infact a few of the regulars who frequented this blog around the time of chris going to court, actually went to Preston to witness him getting sent down!

    “Or you and your followers just couldn’t give much of a damn to understand it from a vulnerable adult point of view”?

    If, and it is a BIG IF, a vulnerable person was being forced to commit a crime by another party, there might be somekind of justification to feel sorry towards that person.
    BUT this is Chris while that you are talking about here, who you (And a few others too) deem to be a vulnaerable adult!
    You are aware that there are a few people who have actually appeared on this blog (and other blogs too!), streamed on various platforms and chatted with streamers, who are actually classed as being vulnerable BUT strangely have never ever encounted the wrath of the police or been charged with any criminal activities!

    So if they are Vulnerable adults, why is chris different and treated in a different manner?
    Well some people, even if they are classed as being vulnerable know the difference of acting and being right or wrong.
    As far as i know, Chris has NEVER been like this, there have been many times he has been in the wrong with the things that he has said, or the way he has treated people.
    The only times he has actually said sorry to anyone for his actions, is when he was after something!

    Anyway, if YOU TOUT or anyone else feels the urge to still stick up for Chris while after being charged in eyes of the law for downloading indecent images of minors, well that is upto you, but seriously think about your actions of what you are saying here, and i bet any money that you don’t tell your actual friends or family that you are sticking up for a person who at the end of the day downloaded child Pornography, got a suspended sentence and is on the sex offenders register!

    (* )And oh by the way TOUT, if menellie did send him a link, and was not included in the original investigation by the police,if you (Or anyone else) have suspicions that this is the case i would strongly advise you to contact your local Police station and say so, instead of coming on a blog and chatbox venting your anger and hatred!!!

  7. TOUT

    I no longer need to have to listen to you lot, you are all bullshit artists.

    1. Lol

      I’m not sure what you’re pissed off at more….the fact that he’s a pedophile or the fact that everyone is talking about him being a pedo. Also enough with this mental bullshit….if the dude can work OBS or XSplit, he knew better than to download child porn. Plain and simple.

      1. TOUT

        Sorry can you repeat that. I think I may have gone bit deaf

  8. PedoChrisWhile

    Hes saying Im a pedophile…which I am.

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