SexyChris And Ruby – Together Forever (almost)

So, what a year 2020 has been, and it’s only April!

We’ve had earthquakes, floods, the Australian bushfire, Brexit, Coronavirus…and the return of Christopher While.

And just like the old days, his ‘girlfriend’ Ruby, or ‘TrustnoOne666’ as she’s more commonly known on D-live. Note the 666 in her name. You couldn’t make this up!


And just like back in 2017, both Chris and Ruby are adamant that his conviction for producing and possession of 22 indecent images of children, eight of which were category A (meaning the most horrendous, hardcore, vile sexual abuse/rape) was a set up by MeNellie.


Now the problem with this theory is, yes, we’ve all been tricked into opening files that are not what we think. Take a look of the Gifs flying about on Facebook, Twitter etc, where you start to watch a video and then suddenly you get the loud moaning sound of a woman having a humongous orgasm. That is being tricked.

What isn’t being tricked, is opening child rape images. Especially when you are being monitored by your ISP and they hand over evidence to the Police that you were actively seeking/watching these images for a whole month, as reported in the link below:

‘images between October 2016 and November 2016 ‘

So this wasn’t just a one off click on a link allegedly sent to him by MeNellie. He was recorded, seeking/looking at these vile images for at least a month, between October 2016 and November 2016.

So no Chris, and no Ruby, you can deflect the truth as much as you want, but you cannot hide or rebut the facts, facts that were used in a court of law. Facts that were so overwhelming, that Chris did indeed admit his guilt. Fact!

Anyway, on a lighter note, just as Chris and Ruby returned, so did Gaz. And it didn’t take long for him to end the sick relationship that was ‘Cruby’.


And in a split second, the internet romance that was to last forever, crumbled.

Somethings just never change 🙂





5 Thoughts to “SexyChris And Ruby – Together Forever (almost)”

  1. The_Maze

    Ruby is obsessed with chris, Angel was a big threat to Rubys friendship with him. , now Angel is Possibly a distant memory but you never know,,, Ruby is back declaring her love and loyalty for a convicted paedo

  2. shitemastar

    TrustnoOne66 seems to be a right devious bastard. Sucking Chris’s ars hole yet on her channel, there’s a link exposing Chris of the conviction he got. Jesus Christ, what kind of mate are you for Chris TrustnoOne666?

  3. BTB

    What I don’t get is, why is Chris after having been encouraged to download child porn that led to him being convicted with being in possession of child porn is saying that MeNellie set him up? Taking into account here that Chris is after all a vulnerable adult! MeNellie who is supposedly being the responsible adult. You people know fine well what mental state that Chris has. He is easily lead into doing things he normally wouldn’t do. How can anyone hold a vulnerable adult that Chris is accountable in the actions imposed onto him by a responsible adult?

    Why would Chris still come off in him being set up in what he claims by MeNellie after allowing himself to be convicted of the offence? The honest answer I can give to that is that a vulnerable adult is unable to get the words out himself during the prosecution phase of being brought up to court over the offence. If Chris was able to speak up about the issue of having been set up, he wouldn’t have allowed himself to sit back and just be convicted of the offence.

    See you people have done nothing positive towards Chris other than getting tore into the fella. That can also have a sever impact towards a vulnerable adult of getting his mind together in order to be capable of getting his story straight to prevent himself of being convicted of the offence. There’s always 2 sides to every story. What is published throughout the entire issue regards Chris is all one sided.

    One major issue I have noticed that’s missing on anything written about Chris and the conviction. Is that who grassed him up of having child porn on his computer after having been encouraged to download it? Which led to him being convicted of the offence..

    I am not sticking up for the fella, I don’t even know the fella, never met him. But the fact is he is a vulnerable adult, incapable of looking after himself let alone deal with a serious offence that he claims after being convicted of it that he had been set up.

  4. Amy

    9 mins 16 no mention of menellie chris explains his reason he knew what he was doing no one made him he did it.

  5. Interesting

    Chris had a solicitor to represent him he had many opportunities and help to speak out but he knew he did wrong and all proof was presented in a court of law and he was guilty and pleaded guilty as he is guilty.

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