Mark Vaughn: Naked Women? Ewww!

It’s been gossiped about for years as to whether Mark is a virgin still or not, with some claiming he’s had a girlfriend, while others are convinced he’s still not popped his cherry (not Zoe). Well, if he wanted to quash those virgin boy rumours, last night was definitely not the way to go about it. The clip comes from Mark testing the HTML5 video player on his cast, when suddenly he starts talking about why he won’t allow porn on VL. He then goes on to make some odd…

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SexyChris Says Goodbye To VaughnLive

He’s been on the brink of a full mental breakdown for a while now, and today was the day it peaked. I’ve watched this a few times, and i still can’t work out who where he was banned from, and why it was Mark and Scruffy’s fault? But whoever banned him from wherever, he went from calm to Psychotic in under 3 seconds. Warning: The following video contains nudity and is not suitable for under 18’s or people easily offended!   Time for the white coats?      

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