Mark Vaughn: Naked Women? Ewww!

It’s been gossiped about for years as to whether Mark is a virgin still or not, with some claiming he’s had a girlfriend, while others are convinced he’s still not popped his cherry (not Zoe).

Well, if he wanted to quash those virgin boy rumours, last night was definitely not the way to go about it.

The clip comes from Mark testing the HTML5 video player on his cast, when suddenly he starts talking about why he won’t allow porn on VL.

He then goes on to make some odd comments for a young, red bloodied male to make, especially one who’s currently single.

Ok, i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say he was probably saying those things because his Mother was there, and deep down, Mark would love to have his face submerged in vaginal juices.

But come on Mark, let’s be honest dude, if someone like MsSatan suddenly dropped her knickers and flashed her love tunnel, we all know you ain’t going to hit that ban button for as long as possible…..i hope!

On another note, the HTML5 player still has a lot of bugs that need ironing out. The view counter was on speed, in fact, i think it said he had 1400 viewers at one point lol.

Another problem, was the stream wouldn’t load on my Android phone. All the other casts just gave me the usual ‘install flash plugin’ and when i tried to view Marks cast, i wasn’t getting that message, in fact i wasn’t getting anything. It just kept saying ‘loading’

So i think it’s long way off yet before the whole site gets a fully functioning HTML5 player.

But at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just don’t expect it anytime soon.

One Thought to “Mark Vaughn: Naked Women? Ewww!”

  1. Anon

    The movies in the MISC section has tons and tons of nudity. JTV never allowed it but the Vaughns do.

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