SexyChris Collapses Live On Cam

When you watch the first video, i have no doubt that 98% of you, like me, will find it hilarious.

The timing, the song, the sudden drop lol.

But is there something more serious behind it all?

First off, lets enjoy the initial clip, as Chris tries charming the females in his cast, in a way only Chris can lol.

Now lets take a look at video two, and listen carefully as Chris explains this is not the first time this has happened lately.

What somebody mentioned there in the chat, Alcoholic Neuropathy, got me thinking, and after a quick Google search, it seems they may well have a point.

We heard Chris say it has happened in the Karaoke bar and the taxi rank lately, and he also said it happens when he’s drinking strong lagers.

This wasn’t your normal drunken fall. He was going nowhere, stood still, then suddenly went down like Tower 7.

It fits all the descriptors above, and although it never cures completely, after 3-5 years of being alcohol free, it apparently can be contained.

But you know as well as i do, that there is no chance of Chris not drinking for days, never mind years.

So is this the beginning of the end for the King?

I hope i’m wrong, but if this is what i suspect it is and he carries on, he’s going to end up nothing more than a drooling vegetable, confined to a wheelchair, struggling to even talk.

But i suppose apart from the wheelchair, you could say nothing much will change then… 🙂

10 Thoughts to “SexyChris Collapses Live On Cam”

  1. There is a condition i would see when I was an EMT it’s called cerebral ataxia, basically brain damage from various causes like head injury or severe alcoholism, you become unsteady and fall a lot at first

    1. And yes, alcoholism is the 2nd leading cause of insanity behind alzheimers disease and I believe the leading cause in the young. heavy drinking can produce severe brain damage if done for 20 years. You end up with an alzheimer’s like syndrome in a nursing home. Brain scans frequently show such damage in alcoholics

      1. Alcoholic dementia is the term

  2. You can’t drink like chris does and expect to be healthy. You might get away with so much when you’re younger but eventually your body gives out. This might be the first sign of nerve damage caused by alcohol. But this will pale into insignificance when his liver packs up. I take no pleasure in this but it’s totally expected.

  3. The_Maze

    Chris relies heavily on his booze, and sadly even though he has had these episodes where his leg gives way, it won’t be enough to convince him of the damage he is doing to himself, as he says he is 29 its his life and if he wants to drink he will. Its going to be hard for him but if he ends up having a stroke or worse its his family that have to sort it.

  4. Smokey the ghost

    Hello there dear GenitalFolk

    I’ve Not watched chris in ages, but seeing him like this it is fucking bad to see.
    A lot of people have always told chris about cutting x,y and z out BUT the problem with chris is that HE NEVER LISTENS,EVER!

    The sad thing is, i wonder if his family know what he is like behind closed doors? And also his “friends” , you know the one’s that know him and his family, surely they would alert his mum, to what shit that looks like is going down?

  5. RUBY

    I’m ‘his friend’ ghostysmokey , and believe me i have had the conversations that need to be had and i have also spoken with his mum , and NO ONE can stop an adult from self destruction if that’s the route they choose , change has to come from the person not friends or family , when you are an addict you are in constant denial , but this is beyond scary and i will be addressing it with him , if we are still talking after i do then wonderful , but he obviously needs to be told in no uncertain terms he is killing himself.

    1. 666666

      Ruby this is all a set up for his child porn case. He knew he was fucked and thought if i pretend I have this shit wrong with me they wont do a thing.

  6. Dr Penisayeyapuffs

    ruby needs a good shagging by sexy chris
    she is moist all day thinking of him and deeply longing to
    be changing that nappie and wiping that very big c**k,oh yes drool ruby dear drool

  7. Dr Penisayeyapuffs

    ruby needs a good shagging by sexy chris
    she is moist all day thinking of him and deeply longing to
    be changing that nappie and wiping that very big sausage ,oh yes drool ruby dear drool

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