SexyChris Says Goodbye To VaughnLive

He’s been on the brink of a full mental breakdown for a while now, and today was the day it peaked.

I’ve watched this a few times, and i still can’t work out who where he was banned from, and why it was Mark and Scruffy’s fault?

But whoever banned him from wherever, he went from calm to Psychotic in under 3 seconds.

Warning: The following video contains nudity and is not suitable for under 18’s or people easily offended!


Time for the white coats?




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6 Thoughts to “SexyChris Says Goodbye To VaughnLive”

  1. jstevieo

    well well ,
    so PigViSion went psyco , i would be tempted to write ‘much ado about not much at all ‘after being exposed to ‘flappy feddy 5 skin ‘AGAIN !! . But you,re right Karl hes been in a vicious spiraling downward cycle since this Angel person has been playing with him and his tiny childlike mind , just as much as hes played ,manipulated her for his own ends & Booze funds –
    if it werent SO tragic i,d say they deserve eachother – someone earlier this week made me privy to a call they made to barrow council , pleading to get him the help he So desperately needs – how any dept of social services deemed this guy to be in state to live alone /manage his finances is beyond me and completely wrong !! ~ive no doubt his hero /zero mindset will lead him right back to social casting purgatory otherwise know as I Vlog – the question should a mentally unstable trainwreck in progress person even be social casting is another issue , but hey if we went down that route , half these sites would be empty – i really hope he gets the help /assistance and guidance he needs , SOON !!!

  2. Brokenmech

    I was there, basically chris is still pissed off he can’t get his own way and Angel won’t give in and fully go back with him. She kept bringing up cameron texas and so chris unmoded her and then he banned her (after claiming he didn’t) and then remoded her again. The problem was she then needed to be unmoded again before he could unban her. He was told this many times this in the channel but ignored it. Ended up Angel was still banned in his channel and couldn’t get back in. This and the fact she is still not back with him tipped him over the edge and so he got his cawk out to get his channel shut down. He thinks this makes him look good but it just makes him look like the stupid man-child he is.

  3. vidssssssss

    more vids or ya chris talks to his mum about wanking and jstevio talks to chris’s mam and p2dij1q6

    1. Cheers buddy, appreciate it 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    lol why does he keep going back to that site when he clearly hates it and of course it’s mark and scruffys fault he get’s trolled huh… what an ugly little penis he has.

  5. On da wagon

    A Naked Mole rat looks nice than what chris had on show, it looks like his tinky winky has a disease.

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