Chris And Mum vs jStevieo And Billybobcesspool

This is when things go to far for me. It all started off with Chris Skyping GamerGirl, who was then joined by jStevieo and Billybob.

It was the usual everyday banter that goes on between Chris and jStevieo, then for some moronic reason, Chris decides to call his Mum and bring her into the conversation!

A stupid thing to do, but what followed afterwards was bang out of order in my opinion.

Although jStevieo was still out of order in some of the things he said, to be fair to him, he was at least respectful enough to call her Mrs While (even though it’s Wheeler lol) and didn’t give her the vile abuse Billy did.

The following video’s are quite uncomfortable to watch if you have any decency in you, but they happened, so it’s only right we report on them.


Then we get to the part where his Mum asks if it’s true. This poor woman is going to end up having a heart attack soon.


She kept her dignity throughout all that, when it would of been easier to just tell them to f*ck off, so well done Anna.





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8 Thoughts to “Chris And Mum vs jStevieo And Billybobcesspool”

  1. On da wagon

    No matter what you think of chris, you dont go round insulting peoples Mum’s.
    Chris should not even bring his mum in on skype calls if he’s arguing with people.
    Its his mum who i feel sorry for.

  2. BillyBob is the only cunt around here

  3. rhodilia

    No she is responsible for Not raising him with a modicum of decency or self respect and should suffer this tirade and she effectively abandoned a 10 yr old to survive on his own… no matter the consequences.

    1. jstevieo

      i agree Rhodilla entirely , but lateer Sunday evening i spoke to Mrs Wheeler by phone privately , i did apologise for being perhaps too abrasive , we laughed about a few things and spoke at length at how can Chris avoid being evicted and improve his life , to some sort of decent existence , instead of living in his own squalor and and his excessive alcohol abuse exacerbating his depression and anxiety , she shared many private things and attempts she and Stephen have tried to get chris into care suitable for his problems , even sharing how a possible place in Carlisle was almost sorted , until at the last minute , they {the doctors and management } said no to Chris’admittance ~ what it basically comes down to is Money ….and unfortunately she and stephen dont have that sort of cash lying around to buy chris a place in a suitable hospice/treatment centre . Her frustration was palpable and she bore me no ill will nor i her , i do empathise with her and also see her as one of Chris’main enabelers – , in short theres NO simple fix to Sexy ! alas .

      1. I did hear her telling Chris that you phoned and apologised and it was all sorted. I’m glad you two cleared the air, because like i said in the video’s, it’s one thing to call Chris out on what he does and says, but his Mum has never attacked anybody, so to hear her being abused the way she was, wasn’t nice.

        To be fair, you were pretty polite most of the time. I don’t expect Billy will be phoning and offering his apologies for calling her ‘ a nasty, vile cunt’ though?

        I’m all for free speech, and if his Mother was acting like Chris, then yes, i would of said it was fair to talk to her like that. But all i’ve ever seen from Anna is her telling Chris not to do this, and not to do that, when he’s been out of order. But to call somebody’s Mother a ‘vile cunt’ just because you don’t agree with the way her son lives, is just bullying in my opinion.

        Chris should NEVER have brought his Mother into the argument, we all know that, but at the same time, attacking her over her son was worse.

        Anyway, she comes across as a very decent woman and i don’t think she is the type to hold grudges, so lets put it to bed now, and consider it solved 🙂

    2. I’m not quite sure i agree with ‘abandoned’ him bit? I would imagine it would of been part of the Court order that along with Probation, he’s not allowed to live back at home, or not for a while anyway.

      Plus she must speak to him about 15 times a day lol, she does his washing for him, she goes round and cleans up after him. Plus the several times she’s bailed him out of the shit financially.

      I can’t see what else she can do for him bar moving in to his Flat?

      1. rhodilia

        From what I have ascertained ,,, they concocted the attack on his mother to get him a flat of his own.. as his mother was being evicted due to the noise created . So for convenience sake there he is alone in his squalor ….even sucking men’s appendages for cash and booze . With a 10 yr old’s emotional stability /Mo I understand she tried, to get him placed further away in a care home but, for me this is not going hold water … sorry she washed her hands for her own sake … he should be in her care until she is no longer fit to take care of him or passes on .Animals are better treated and thought of .

        1. rhodilia

          Also, as for her cleaning …. really ??? she sits there does nada for months and she never even cleaned her own house.. from what we saw of chris living at home . Ofcourse she calls him and is scared of his eviction ….he’ll end up back at hers & square one.! Yes, abandoned him, as I said.
          His mother is only 46 not 66 .

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