What The Hell Is SexyChris On?

Having watched this dude cast completely smashed out of his face more times than i can remember, you tend to spot when something is not the norm.

Somebody said it sounded like he was on Ketamine, but having never taken that shit and not personally knowing anybody who has, i can’t say. But listen to his rambling, and then tell me this is just alcohol?




He was either on a ‘freebie’ from one of the other lowlifes that live in that block, or he is on the verge of a breakdown.











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8 Thoughts to “What The Hell Is SexyChris On?”

  1. lipalert

    He sounds just smashed out of his face to me. When he’s drunk to this degree he is very vocal and “brave”. He hasn’t been this drunk for a while though which is probably why his casts have stunk to high heaven lately. We need this brash, obnoxious, vile, begging, retarded train wreck back again.

  2. Anonymous

    He’s drinking wine, wine has a bad effect on chris.

  3. Shawnio

    let me get this straight Karl Davies, Sexychris, the guy who you claimed is a pedophile, the guy you claim actively looks for child porn, the guy who masturbates on camera and shoved a beer bottle up his ass, that Sexychris right……. Tell us again how long you spend watching his shows again,. it’s very intertesting to know because I heard in the UK 80% of the population is living on welfare and 45% of them have sexually related criminal charges. did you wanna make a post about that any time soon or do we all pretend you’re actually important and the things you have to say need to be heard by the world? you’re a joke mate.

    1. Anonymous

      Shawnio dont believe all you read in that back of beyound country of yours. It’s like me believing that Canada is just a poor relation of the USA where most people sit on their porches playing their banjo’s deliverance style with no jobs, no prospects other than having sex with a passing bear that they then marry and raise children with.

    2. You raise some interesting, although statistically absurd points there Shawnio, so i thought it only fair i reply (even though is really shouldn’t)

      a) Lets also clear something up here. You claim Lardo, Scuttlebutt, Billybobcesspool, Hipperz and anybody else who goes near Scuttlebutts blog are convicted child molesters. Tell us again how many hours a day you watch and record their chat box?

      b) You claim (LOL) that 80% of the UK population is living on welfare. Do tell us again what your current employment status is?

      C) You also claim 45% of the UK population have sexually related criminal charges. Do tell us about these allegations of you and your alleged underage sister?

      Also do feel free to pop by anytime you wish with the answers to the above, we look forward to hearing from you 😉

      1. Blitzy

        Hahaa i love it! Good job Karl 😉

  4. ip

    Hey chris ya got any yokes

  5. Anonymous

    Chris the drunk dad from Rita, Sue and Bob too.

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