Joker444 – Something You Want To Tell Us?

An anon emailed this info in weeks ago, but out of respect for Cherrybreeze, we held back on posting it.

Now that he’s shown his true colours to Zoe, it’s time to warn any future females of just what a nasty piece of work you will be getting involved with.

It’s obvious to anybody who’s watched him, that this guy is a control freak. But, there’s nothing wrong with that to a certain extent, hell, some girls love that in a man.

But how far does the ‘controlling’ have to go before it turns into disgusting, sexual assaults?

Well, Joker444 knows all about that, don’t you Christopher Blodgett.

Let’s go back to 2013, and take a look at that ‘past’ Joker wanted to forget all about.


Chris Blodjet Facebook2


Ok, let’s do a Ryan here and say, ‘but how does that prove that’s its it do with Joker444’

Well, here is Jokers Facebook profile.

Chris Blodjet Facebook

Let’s stay in Ryan mode and say ‘ but hey the surnames are different and it doesn’t prove where he is’

This is true. And this is what threw me a bit at first. But, let’s just check he’s in the same town.

Chris Blodjet Facebook1

Ah, but his surname is different, so can’t be him…

That’s where a bit more research came in…

Chris Blodjet Facebook3

There you have it. A family member, who’s identity we have blacked out, is confused as to why he’s unable to spell his own surname.

Of course, he knows how to spell his surname, even SexyChris can do that, so you can only assume that he’s doing his best not to be linked to his sordid past.

And finally, still not 100% convinced that i had enough to say it was definitely him who was done for indecent assault and battery, plus more, there was one thing i was lacking.

That was, proof that he lived at said address.

There is no Google Streetview where he lives, no Google images, zilch.

Then, as happens in most cases of people trying to hide who they are, their vanity gets the better of them, and they fuck up.

So when Joker posted a picture to Facebook of himself sat on his steps, we was 50% there, just needed to match the property up.

Jokers house

Then after hours of different Google searches, one finally found a picture related to the actual court case involving Christopher Blodgett and it showed the address in question.

Chris Blodjet Facebook4


We had enough to make the post that all but proves that Joker444 IS the pervert who sexually abuses and attacks young girls.

Only, we still had 1 more problem.


For all his vile history, he made Zoe feel good and at a time she was low, this was the last thing she would want to see.

Then, finally, she saw him for what he really was, and thankfully, we could let everybody know just what a filthbag this man really is.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


50 Thoughts to “Joker444 – Something You Want To Tell Us?”

  1. Shawnio

    hey ukmuppets you been trying to push this blodgett nonsense for months now, when you were in scuttlebutts chat repeating yourself like a broken record it was obvious you had no idea what you’re going on about, then you actually posted it LMAO dude what exactly is the point of this post?

    are you attracted to Cherrybreeze man? you seem a lil jealous

    1. Dude, you really need to let this Scuttlebutt thing go now. I have no idea what you are talking about?

      I have NEVER posted in Scuttlebutts chat. I have left comments in reply to posts, but as for the chat, i never post in there for the simple fact that you are more than likely to be banned unless you are a Mod.

      So whoever you saw allegedly spamming with whatever it was you saw, i can guarantee you it wasn’t me.

      But ffs, stop caring what Scuttlebutt does or says 24/7 before your brain ends up like SexyChris.

  2. Anonymous

    One thing I’ve learned listening to radio shows with doctors. Whenever you see a person who has a lifelong self harm habit and i don’t mean a teenager who has a phase where she self harms but rather a person who cuts well into adulthood for many years. The doctors say this is a hallmark sign that the person was sexually abused as a child. Some major trauma went on in Cherry’s life that sent her down this road.

  3. Anonymous

    If he pled out or was convicted, he should be on the registered sex offenders site (Megan’s Law) for his area. That’s public information. Unless, of course, he decided not to register.

  4. Anonymous

    LOL now i know you love cherrybreeze mainly because she shows her bits and pieces to you guys and im not a fan of joker either but that man was a very good friend to her. She turned on him and went balistic when she found out he was still talking to another woman. Bear in mind that there was supposedly no relationship between the two other than friends but she demanded that she should be the only female joker had on skype and talked to yet she could add men and chat to whoever she liked.

    She asked him to stop her from being stupid in her casts which he did and many other things so maybe instead of being controlling like you state he was just doing what she kept begging him to do.

    What joker has done in his past is horrific but Zoe is no saint and manipulates people only in her case mainly men because all you see is a woman showing her tits and ass and you think with your nether regions typical male reaction in fact.

    I feel sorry for tobinman the latest object of her affections who she has already declared her undying love for just like she did with foxman, brad and many others whose names i have forgot. Karl hang in there you maybe next and your wait will finally be over.

  5. Anonymous

    Cherry wasn’t the source of the info., I was dumb asses. Joker turned into a controlling dickhead and pissed me off. So I started googling him which led to his court record. Who Cherry is into isn’t my business so I don’t give a fuck. But Cherry WAS NOT the source of the info. sent here.

    1. Anonymous

      I cant see anywhere on here where it said cherry was the source of the information so you dont all have to rush on your white chargers defending her honour. To be honest that thought hadnt even crossed my mind.

      1. I think he was referring to Joker and some of the chatters last night who were insisting it was Cherry who gave us the info.

        1. Anonymous

          Ah ok I think I need more sleep I seem to be misunderstanding at lot on here today. Thank you for clearing that up

    2. Shawnio

      Notice how no one believes your stories anymore UkMuppets, shit even you have started talking to yourself in the comment section.

      here is the bottom line, you like in the UK one of the shittiest places to live in the world,. you spend your day following chris around like a lost puppy (you know the pedophile who masturbates on the internet) and you seem to obsess over OTHER broadcasters from the UK like you’re insanely jealous of them. I still have video of your broadcasts Ukmuppets, any moron can upload a template to a wordpress and spout nonsense that makes no sense, grow some fucking balls and talk about what everyone else is actually talking about and that is Scuttlebutt’s failure to launch.

      how fucking boring is it in the Uk where you have to follow around a waif thin drug addict and research her entire boyfriend history LOL seriously you look pathetic man

      1. Oh fantatsic, now we have Shawnio spamming the shit out of here now. Well at least Scuttles will get a rest for a while.

        You are dangerously obsessed with Scuttlebutt. Are you seriously trying to say that nobody else want’s to know what is happening in the world, apart from Scutts moving hosts?

        This obsession is bordering on being clinically insane. What happened to you dude?

      2. Anonymous

        Shawnio stfu about the UK its a darn site better place to live then your shit hole country. Pot, kettle and black as you spend 24/7 it seems following scuttlebutt around. Sort your own house out before throwing stones at glass houses.

      3. bob

        shawnio atleast they don’t post videos and throw a headline that has nothing to do with the video.

  6. Ok, let’s clear up a few points here. There are rumours going around that Cherrybreeze was the one who gave us Jokers name and address. I can 100% honestly say, Cherrybreeze has NEVER even mentioned Joker to this Blog. In fact, she has only ever once contacted us, and that was to point out some comments that had slipped through on a post from about a year ago or more.

    Like i said in the original post, an anon emailed us a while back, in May to be precise, and tipped us off about Jokers Court records, and from there we just did a little research, to near enough confirm it was him.

    Here is the email in question –

    And yes, i was watching Joker last night, claiming that Zoe doxxed him, to try and deflect the attention away from the story. Nice try, but a fail none the less. As you can clearly see, we received the email at 5.50am (UK time) on the 16th May. And as i also stated in the original post, we held back on posting the story simply out of respect to Cherrybreeze.

    Why did we do it? Well no, not because i want to have sex with her, as some claim, lmfao, and not because she might show her tits and ass. And no, sorry Shawnio, not because i was jealous of her online relationship with Joker. I mean come on dude, how much of that bong had you hit when you wrote that lol?

    It was held back for one, and only one reason. At the time, Cherry was happy that she had what she saw as a good friend in Joker. Somebody who had her back, and to a certain extent, he did. Had we posted that info when we first received it, the chances are it would of fucked with her head. And it’s common knowledge that Zoe is unstable, and not through wanting to fuck her, or wanting her to show her tits, i decided that while she was happy, i wasn’t going to be the one to tell her that the one person she thought she could trust to look after her, was in fact, a violent perv.

    Why release it now then? After the pictures emerged of her self harming again and Jokers response of ” well go and fucking kill yourself bitch ” finding out Joker is not the man who she thought he is, would not of shocked her as bad as it would of when she trusted him and saw him as a best friend.

    Is Cherrybreeze an Angel? No, of course she’s not. But, just like IamSonchild, and ACF, she’s vulnerable. They are all vulnerable in different ways, and whether in your eyes i am right or wrong, i’ll always have their backs. People will always fuck with them, but remember this, if you do, you better hope you don’t have some mirky hidden past, because one day, you too could end up reading it on here 😉

    1. Anonymous

      Karl are you becoming like Scrubby and Mark threatening people with doxing stuff on here if they say things you dont like about casters that you do. I am shocked truely I am !!!!!!!!

      1. Really? Who has been doxxed apart from Joker, and that obviously had to be done to tell the full story.

        More to the point, where do i threaten to doxx anybody who say things about casters that i am supposed to like?

        If you are referring to us posting any sordid stories that may be out there for people that fuck with the the genuinely vulnerable, then a) maybe don’t be a perv and b) try not to mind fuck people who are not as strong minded as you.

        The story on Joker had nothing to do with what he said about or to Cherry last night, as i said, it was only released now because i didn’t want to be the one to try and send her over the edge when she was close to him.

        Had Zoe not been fragile and not been 100% trusting of Joker, this story would of come out back in May, regardless of his thoughts on her.

        1. Anonymous

          Maybe Karl i misunderstood your comment of “you better hope you dont have some mirky hidden past, because one day you could end up reading about it on here”. That is where i got the threaten to dox people.

    2. Shawnio

      8 paragraphs to rationalize why everyone is calling you out on your blog LOL

      that shit is priceless Man, keep up the good work

  7. Master of Muppets

    where on earth does it say that he was charged with something to do with a minor? it says OVER THE AGE OF 14 – the person could have been in their 20s or 30s….

    You’re assuming again eh?

    1. Not sure who your comment is in reply to, but i’ll throw my response in anyway.

      Where do we say he was charged with sexual assault and battery with a MINOR?

      You’re not reading properly again eh?

      And, it says 14 OR over, which by my reckoning, could mean that the person was 14, just as much as it could mean they were over.

      Again, you’re not reading it properly.

      Now as i’ve stated over and over again on VL, i’m not familiar with how US Law and US Criminal charges are pressed, as opposed to UK Law. But let’s just assume that girl was say 23/24yrs old, just for arguments sake.

      In the US, do they always charge you with the mention of the age 14 or over, instead of just giving the age? Or do they only mention the 14 or over if they are still classed as a child?

      I dunno, i’m waiting for one our American friends to confirm this.

      1. Master of Muppets

        14 or over means any age over 14. It would specifically mention the word MINOR if it wasn’t….

        It also never mentions what the specific incident was….

        1. Ok, i’ll take your word for it. It just seems a weird way to do it. But then again, when it comes to US Law, i haven’t a clue.

          1. Master of Muppets

            Well, your story needs an edit then because this statement is not true, you’re assuming

            “proves that Joker444 IS the pervert who sexually abuses and attacks young girls.”

            You have to be careful what you say, your story is making out like you have 100% proof that he was involved with people under the age of consent when there is no proof of that whatsoever.

      2. Shawnio

        Dear Karl, pay attention to what these people who you think are as fucked as you thinks. Notice how 95% of them are calling you a liar. what happened to your blog man? you’re just another Scuttlebutt.

        1. Scuttlbutt again…this is scary now!

          1. Shawnio

            there is 35 posts about sexychris on this blog, you even went so far as to post an embed so when he kicked you from his channels you can still watch him. watch him do what man? masturbate or look at child porn? you need to get a life, oh and an umbrella cuz I heard in the UK it rains 6 days a week and smells like mould and piss.

  8. Thanks for your concern, but saying young girls is not saying that it’s 100% proof she was under the age of consent. Young can be defined as anything up to 25. So unless you can provide us with 100% proof that the victim was indeed over that age, the story remains as it is.

    1. Master of Muppets

      Of course it remains as it is…just like every other blog about video casters, it’s all about slandering those you don’t like and never about checking facts. Good day.

        1. Shawnio

          are you not seeing the pattern here UkMuppets
          it’s kind of hilarious to be honest.

  9. zoe isa bitch

    out of respect for cherrybreeze?? SHE NEVER RESPECTS ANYONE ! unless she can use them….

  10. Trevor

    I don’t know what Joker has done or has been charged with, none of know the details. Do I give a fuck about Joker?… No, I couldn’t give a fiddler’s fart for any of the Losers on there.

    But, Joker gave Cherry a lot of his time, including her phoning him at 4 and 5 in the morning and he’d always pick up and listen to whatever attention seeking shit she wanted to feed him. I’m not stupid, I know he done it because she has tits and a vagina, but still he was there for the Loon whatever the reasons.

    The reason I heard that the had fell out was because she had been spending more time with that Tobi character and then he got a Skype call from Cherry and her and Tobi were both in the call and they were both laughing at Joker. That’s a pretty Scummy thing to do to someone that has been there for you.

    He also never told her to “go kill herself” until after several messages from her showing pics with ketchup on her wrist etc. I tell Cherry to go kill herself every time she’s on (just like I would with Shitty) because she’s a fucking attention seeker. I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone that I thought might actually do it to go kill themselves, but I will do it all day long to fucking Losers like Cherry.

    Don’t be biased because Cherry has a shit pair of tits on her, she’s a total Cunt. And putting his address up there was a bit shitty under the circumstances.

    1. You are making the same mistake a lot of others are here Trev. This story wasn’t posted because he called Cherry a cunt or told her to kill herself or whatever. It would of been posted back in May, except that he was pretty close to Cherrybreeze at the time, and out of MY respect for Cherry, i held it back.

      You should know more than most that this blog doesn’t, never has, and never will, try and dictate who like who out there. Everybody has the right to like or dislike who they wish. If you are anybody else wants to call Cherry a cunt then that is your right to do so. But it was also my right to hold back the info because in my opinion, it was the right thing to do.

      Nobody is ever going to tell me who i can and cannot like, same as i would never tell anybody who they should like/dislike.

      If the circumstances were the same, i would do exactly the same for Sonchild or ACF too. Doesn’t mean i would ever try and stop people saying what they feel about them.

      1. Trevor

        I’m not expecting you to dislike anyone that I don’t like, I’m just giving my opinion on it and how I feel about Cherry.

        If anyone wants to believe that was blood and not ketchup on her arm last night then I have Beyonce over here noshing me off right now and Mila Kunis is on her way round to finish me off. Firstly, for results cut your arm down the way towards your hand, across the way won’t do shit… well apart from get you a load of attention, funnily enough. Fucking wasting emergency services for that bullshit, if she was a danger to herself she would have been sectioned. She even said on her cast at one point that the paramedic gave her extra dressings in case she done it again.

        She is by far one of the most horrible vile Cunts on these sites. I could list here all the reasons, but here’s just a couple… She has milked a young guys death dry for all the sympathy and attention that SHE can get from it, and up until a month ago (and for all I know she still is) she has still been contacting and bothering Bradley’s family with her bullshit. They have been trying to grieve for their son/brother whatever and they’re dealing with some nutty Whore from the UK calling them with her “I MISS MY BRADLEY, INNIT BLUD” fucking bullshit.

        1. Anonymous

          Unfortunately Zoe cannot live without a man in her life, she declares her undying love and is always about to kill herself when that guy dumps her but luckily there is always another waiting in the wings to take said love of her life’s place. The lastest being Tobinman who she now says she loves and cant live without. Now while i dont expect someone to grieve forever for a man who sadly died but only last week she was still saying no one would ever take her bradleys place and she was still going to join him. Love can be so fickle these days.

      2. Shawnio

        This story was posted because cherrybreeze denied your advances and chose joker instead.
        this is how pathetic you actually are dude, jealous of a crackhead with moss growing on her teeth.
        keep up the good work mate LMAO

      3. Shawnio

        4 paragraphs. you sure you aren’t feeling fucked there UkMuppets?

  11. Shawnio

    Here is how it works in this world.

    no mugshot, no sex offenders registry = another burnt out Brit trying to claw back whatever relevance he thinks he had

    1. Mrs Roper

      Wouldn’t that be the same as you telling everyone Lardo is a sex offender/pedo? Or saying Hipperz is a sex offender/pedo? Or how about scuttlebutt is a sex offender/pedo? Where are your mug shots Shawnio? where is your sex offenders registry records? You had no issues calling them and many others sex offenders/pedo’s though did you? You see Shawnio everything you say pertains to other people and you neglect to allow any of what you type to pertain to you. How many innocent people have you created blog posts about that you have destroyed their character for not being your puppet? What else could I expect but to witness the biggest internet asshole in the entire universe conflict his own acts.

      1. Shawnio

        um who in the world are you? I have never seen you in my entire life.

    2. Take that last sentence back Shawnio, just read it back, exchange the Brit for Canadian, and tell me who that sounds like 😉

      Then when you have realised, kindly move on to stage two of your daily actions, the bit where you tell us that you are gonna get our Blog deleted, just in case i forgot a part from yesterday, or the day before…or the day before…

      And when we have stopped larfing, we can all move on.

      1. Mrs Roper

        Exactly Karl. Is it not redundant to witness the failure of Shawnio? He has done the same to every single person he finds who creates a blog of any sort. He is the “serial killer” of blogs in his mind while actually, he is the “serial asshole” of the entire internet.

        This might be the part where you STFU and go back to harassing scuttlebutt.After all scuttlebutt and friends are more your psycho cup of tea.They equalize the psychopathic issues by responding like lab rats to your bullshit.

        1. Shawnio is just Shawnio lol. He won’t be able to create any drama here because nobody here cares about him. Over at Scutts he has personal issues with Lardo and Hipperz because they let him get to them and he thrives on it.

          Here we’ll just fuck with him till we’re bored then just like Ryan, simply let him waffle on about whatever insane subject he’s got on his mind until he gets bored.

  12. Bumhair

    Leaving Joker’s past aside, Cherrybreeze is a disturbed, toxic twat.

    I’d advise anyone who comes across her to avoid her at all costs. First she loved Foxman, then she loved SeriousSam (who flew to the UK, fucked her and realised just how insane she was) then she moved onto Bradley.

    The woman is obvious seriously ill and for her own good should not be on social broadcasting sites at all. Steer clear, folks, people like her feed off of creating drama.

  13. TK

    Im fucking sick of people saying Cherry has bad teeth or green teeth, no matter what you think of her get your facts right people and also stop attacking Karl for doing what a blog is supposed to do for one and for two? he protects vunerable people and for that I will always support this blog ffs.

    Proof Cherry doesnt have bad teeth and actually has a beautiful smile =

    (and i have many more pics to prove it too, you’re all just butt hurt cos she wouldnt look at you pathetic wankers twice)

    So fuck all you Cherry haters.

    Karl you’re a legend keep up the good work.

    1. Anonymous

      If you think they are good teeth you need to get glasses. Just because a girl shows her tits and ass at every opportunity she gets and most of the guys go gaga over it does not make her a good person. She is a nasty piece of work, and far from being vulnerable. She knows how to play and manipulate the gullible ones and there seems to be oh so many of you. TK you need to get help if you spend all your time screenshotting someone who lives her life on cam sad really.

    2. Trevor

      That doesn’t look like good teeth to me, and last time I seen them they looked rotten at the front. Joker did say that she had some dental work done recently though, so maybe she had them fixed up a bit.

      And as to your “she wouldn’t look at you twice bullshit”, she made an attempt to go after me one of the first times she fell out with Foxman and even though I was tempted to go along with it for the lulz, I still couldn’t bring myself to do it.

      She is every bit as disgusting and as vile as Christopher While in my opinion, at least Chris was mildly entertaining at one point.

      The only “pathetic Wankers” here is people like you who defend that Cretin, is that you, DJ Systems? lol

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe you should of got both sides of this story before printing it.

  15. Anonymous

    Lol see Cherry is already playing games with the new love of her life. Trying to head fuck him with her mind game I hope he sees through her but I doubt it. Tits and ass win out everytime it seems

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