Joker444 Confirms Our Story

After all the incorrect accusations that have been made regarding our story on Joker444, including false claims that it was Cherrybreeze who was feeding us details on Joker, Shawnio’s claim that it was all ‘nonsense’ and Master of Muppets claim that we were merely slandering Joker for the sake of it, it was left to Joker himself to confirm that what we printed was in fact him, and even more so, it was true.



To give him credit where it’s due, he never shirked any questions and stood up like a man and explained what each charge was.

In fact, he was so open he even went to tell us about other charges that had happened, but that’s for another time.

We don’t post stories, especially as serious as this, without doing as much research to validate it’s authentication as is possible.

A guest in Joker’ casts claimed we will live off this for months now. Quite the opposite, now it’s been confirmed straight from the horses mouth. For us, it’s case closed!














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28 Thoughts to “Joker444 Confirms Our Story”

  1. smokey

    Well that is creepy that Joker said he slapped the 16 year old on the ass and said she looked good.

    1. The thing that doesn’t fit right with me, is it was his friends sister, she was 16 (which according to Google is the legal age of consent in Boston) so not classed as a minor, yet it was her parents who called the Police?

      Why didn’t his friend (who’s sister it was) just get Joker and his Sister to one side, explain to Joker that although she’s of legal age and he obviously fancies her, you can’t just go round slapping girls arses because you want to, apologise, and promise his sister that he won’t ever do it again?

      Did his friends sister hate Joker as much as the parents did, to the extent that she told them about what he did and they went to the Police?

      Or, was she younger than 16, and that’s why the parents freaked and called the cops?

      I’m not saying that that’s what happened, but there is still something niggling away at me with this that just won’t go away, something that just doesn’t sound right.

      Anyway, as i said, it’s done now as far as we are concerned. People are free to express their views as with any post, but as far as chasing this up, it’s case closed.

      1. bob

        I slapped a girls ass in high school and her parents called the cops on me, i almost got charges but they didn’t want to press it.

  2. Master of Muppets

    I wouldn’t call this confirmed – he solicited an undercover police officer. The police officer was not a minor or someone potentially vulnerable. You still have not retracted your claim that he attacks and abuses ‘young girls’.

    1. Ok Ryan, i see you have very selective hearing again. In which case, i’ll give you a run down on what really happened with this video. Joker admitted that he asked an undercover cop for a blowjob. Then when asked what the indecent assault on a person 14 or over was about, he confirmed, said out of his own mouth, that he slapped a 16yr old…16yr old. how much of a ‘younger’ person do you want Ryan, on her ass and made suggestive remarks. Her parents the called the cops and the cops charged him.

      If you don’t agree that slapping a ‘young’ 16yr old on her ass in a sexual way is is wrong, maybe email the Boston Police Department and argue your miscarriage of justice with them.

      1. Master of Muppets

        Once a person says in a video that the incident was with a 40 year old woman, I have no reason to keep watching….

        1. Selective listening again Ryan. We can’t be held responsible for your lack of ability to listen to the whole thing before making retarded comments.


      2. Shawnio

        I think it’s fucking hilarious how damaged your ego is UKMuppets when someone as retarded as Ryan schools you in your own comment section LOL

        I never seen someone try and rationalize a doxing before until I seen your blog LMAO

        you seem a lil worried man, do you think people think you’re some desperate scumbag trying to live vicariously through the lives of Americans you stay up all night to watch LMAO

        that jokers broadcast started at 10 that night, so does that mean you stayed up all night to watch or is your pride too much you gonna use the ol “it was sent in to us” reply lol

        Are all Englishmen this retarded or what you all seem to follow the same “look at me I am a moron” doctrine

        1. You know, i respect you for your love of animals, and because of such, i know you’re not this ‘evil’ person you sometimes like to portray.

          But fuck me, you are 100% bonkers. Ego, Ryan, staying up all night….what the hell is that about?

          OK, let’s try and make some sort of sense of that. Ryan Schools what exactly? Seriously, have you seen his comments?

          Worried? I will amaze myself even if i am giving off any signs of being worried, as what exactly am i supposed to worry about?

          I have no clue what time Joker started his cast on whatever day you are talking about, but i can say with hand on heart, i wouldn’t stay up all night to watch any caster.

          The fact Scuttlebutt hasn’t had his blog taken down, should not leave you full of such angst again all Englishmen.

          Anything else?

  3. Anonymous

    he was 20 when he slapped the 16 year old on the ass

  4. eat shit

    Nice of you to leave out he was 20 when he slapped the 16 years olds ass.

    1. We didn’t leave it out. 1) It’s clear as day in the video of him talking. 2) He couldn’t of been 20 unless he’s only 23 now. Listen to the video again.


      1. bob

        3 years ago he got in trouble for propositioning a undercover for a bj, the 16 year old was when he was 20

      2. Anonymous

        He clearly said several times it was years ago and he was 20 years old

  5. Name

    No , The report is not accurate . Joker slapped a girl on the but when he was 20 years old , Over 20 years ago . The thing with the cop was three years ago . Not peedo and you are crossing two stories on purpose .

    1. Where in either of our stories do we claim he is a Paedo? We even post that the legal age of consent in Boston is 16. Please do pay attention.

  6. The Dude

    Wow, Cherry is a piece of work. To tell the person that was responsible for the information being sent to fuck off I guess she deserves what she gets. I’m fucking done, live in la-la land from now on. Thanks Karl, you did what you thought was best and I applaud it, it was the right thing to do.

    1. cherrybreeze

      What are you talking about ‘The Dude?’ It WASN’T even me that sent this to UK MUPPETS! I have zero knowledge of Joka’s past, nor do i want to play any part in this episode.

  7. How can he have been 20 when the Court records clearly show it was 2013? Watch the video back again and you will hear him talking about the undercover cop and other shit he’s been done for, then when somebody asks him what case involving the 14yr old or over was, he explains that it was a 16yr that he slapped on the ass.

    1. bob

      2013 was when he got in trouble for propositioning a undercover cop

    2. Anonymous

      2013 was the undercover cop not the 16 year old girl he slapped on the ass.

  8. Ok, you guys are still not, or are unable to to hear the video properly. He starts off talking about the undercover cop who he offered 40 bucks to. Now, you are free to have a read through the dozens of Boston Lawyer websites and other free Legal services out there, as i did, and asking for a blowjob does NOT come under indecent assault and battery on a person 14 and over. It comes under a Solicitation Law.

    He then proceeds to talk about the time he was arrested for kidnapping, for handcuffing a female, obviously against her will, and he phoned the cops as he lost the key (lol) and that SHE was in her 40’s.

    Then after going through several other offences he has been charged with, he is specifically asked by the guests ‘but what was the indecent assault and battery on a 14yr old or over for then’ then he tells us about the 16yr old he slapped and her parents called the cops and i quote ” i didn’t finger her, i didn’t grab her boob, her parents didn’t like me and it is what it is. No it wasn’t a misunderstanding it was wrong that i did it”

    He accepted it was indecent assault and battery.

    Now go look at his Court records, and the only charge for indecent assault and battery on a person(s) 14 years of age or over in his name was in 2013.

    Now if you still can’t understand that, you really shouldn’t be on the Internet lol.

    1. shawnio

      pay attention to how people are reacting to your “blogging” muppets, you are the ryan assburgers of debate lol

  9. Anonymous

    Maybe if you are getting too obsessed over a certain errr lady and i use the term very losely that you are willing to bring up stuff that happened 3, 5, 10 or 20 years ago maybe its time you shouldnt be on the internet Karl jk.

    I was in Jokers room and I heard him say on more than one occassion he was 20 when the slapping of the 16 year old’s ass took place and that the undercover cop incident happened in 2013. Maybe he changed the story later on I dont know as I can only say what I heard and no I havent looked at your version of events with the video.

    I do know that US law is weird and sometimes an offence can be listed differently which makes it very difficult to follow I am finiding that out as I now spend 6 months of the year working in the States.

    Anyway dont take offence I like this blog I need to dumb down on occassions lol

  10. Anonymous

    I just asked Joker outright because of the confusion and he categorically states that the slapping of the 16 yr old girls ass was in the 90s when he was 20 years old.

    The 2013 referred to lewd behavour when he propositioned the undercover police officer.


    1. Shawnio

      wait so you mean Ukmuppets here is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill to impress cherrybreeze and it ends up turning out that Ukmuppers was exxagerating the facts, no way LMAO

  11. Shawnio

    Dear Uk Muppets, notice anything wrong with your blog 🙂

    1. Hello Shawnio. Err, you’ve not had it deleted have you?

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