Call The FBI – We Have A Dent Here

Some would call it an act of Karma. Myself, i call it being a big girls blouse, and a very big blouse at that.

Poor Marky boy has had a life changing experience while out in his brand new car. Some reports are claiming he’ll never be the same, while others claim he will be scarred for life.

Me? I just fucking larfed…



Mark has a dent in new car

Wow. That’s some serious shit Mark. I hope the Police put Tennessee on lockdown until these dangerously violent criminals were caught.

Seriously though, i thought he was taking the piss when he said the Police had just left.

Apparently not though:

Mark has a dent in new car1

He really called the Police and asked them to spend god knows how long trawling through CCTV tapes from the minute he arrived, till he arrived back at his car.

Jesus Wept!

It gets better though. When other people start to ask him if he really went that far,Marky boy was adamant he’d done the right thing.

Mark has a dent in new car2

Then, as per, Scruff jumped in to defend her baby boy…

Mark has a dent in new car3

Just what planet does that family live on?

Seriously, anybody know?

Let’s take a closer look at what Scruff claims is ” extensive damage” and isn’t a “tiny ding”

Mark has a dent in new car4

Extensive indeed. Hey look, it’s about the size of a fly’s foreskin. I can see how that would come under ‘extensive’ criminal damage…

If you called the Police here in the UK, they wouldn’t even talk to you past the point of describing what happened let alone come out and waste time trawling the CCTV recordings in the hope of seeing who might have opened their car door against yours.

Can you imagine what he’d be like if he comes out one day and somebody has knocked his wing mirror clean off?

He would be demanding all troops are brought back from overseas deployments and all Ports are closed until the terrorists who did it were found.

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16 Thoughts to “Call The FBI – We Have A Dent Here”

  1. Uncle Carbuncle

    This waste of protoplasm inbred motherfucker probably spewed out “Im Mark Vaughn and I am the owner of the most powerful website ever created in the history of the the universe ” to the cops. And to think someone allegedy offered this shitstain 10mil for his site and hes fussing over maybe $100 worth of damage.

  2. WhatALoad

    What kind of self-important dickhead would waste a cop’s time with that shit? And what kind of cop would look at surveillance video for a non-injury door dent?

    Hillbilly Mark said it all with “Walmart parking lot.” What a fucking idiot. Good thing he’ll never procreate.

  3. BabylonGanoosh

    I’m glad Marky made a report. Reports are public records. Public records are publicly accessible…. by the public.

    Names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers…. it’s just a gift that keeps on giving.

    Thank you for making it easy, Marky.

  4. Red Walmart Trolley

    He dont seem to have much luck with his cars.
    Always someone else’s fault according to Mark

  5. see

    Mark, you moron

  6. Anonymous

    This is exactly the sort of thing they would do.

  7. Master of Muppets

    Please explain to me the logic behind this post and method of thinking. From my point of view, what I get is this for your thought process – “I don’t like somebody, so I’m going to obsess and judge every little thing they do to try to make them look bad, and myself look better. I could just ignore this person and their website and go on with my days and not care, but I’ve become obsessed. I need to point out every little detail this person does that I think is wrong, because it’s absolutely necessary in my mind but serves no real purpose in society or the grand scheme of things.”

    1. Ryan, you are suffering with the Shawnio problem. Read back what you just said, especially this part ” I could just ignore this person and their website and go on with my days and not care, but I’ve become obsessed”

      The end!

      1. Master of Muppets

        Allow me to explain a little something to you. When people are committing injustices to others, others are allowed to gather and protest, or protest as a single individual. This is no different than you standing on a corner with a sign that says ‘Mark Vaughn is an incompetent loser” and me standing beside you saying “it’s not right to be mean to other people like this”. Repent, for in the end you will be judged.

        1. You said it buddy. When people are committing injustices to others ( Mark and his VIP scam) others are allowed to gather and protest.

          This also applies to people that waste cops valuable time dragging them out and making them look through Walmarts CCTV to try and find who’s shopping trolley or car door slightly caught his.

          And yes, i do believe i will be judged.


          1. Master of Muppets

            How is a voluntary payment of money a scam? Nobody is pressuring anyone to buy VIP, and anyone can use the site without having it. You’re acting like the guy is trying to extort and you people are the injured party. It’s more like you people are the bullying party who don’t like how you were personally treated by the site or its staff, or you weren’t able to get people you didn’t like banned, or you were banned for offenses you thought other people seemed to get away with. This is all revenge, it’s not looking out for the community in any way shape or form.

          2. anon

            He makes promises of add-ons and charges for them. Nobody pays for goods they don’t receive on promises coming soon crap. Are you sucking on Mark’s dick?

            Good businesses can make it a module and charge you when it comes out

    2. Fistula

      Hey Mark! So nice of you to stop by and visit the blog!

  8. anon

    Mark said he didn’t buy a new car. It was a troll (lie) to the bloggers. Mark and his mom are stupid fucks.

    I laugh at all the people that paid for VIP gold with all the add-ons coming soon. These fools believe him. 8 months and we see nothing. He should be reported to being a scam artist.

  9. Anon

    I think mark parks really close to the passenger’s side car because he needs alot of room to get his fat ass out of the car. It’s his fault

  10. nobody

    Mark really just wanted their IP address so mommy could ban them from her site. What the fuck color is that car anyways? Looks like chrome, maybe the paint blinded them and they could avoid hitting his car?

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