Clips Of The Week Ending 10-07-2106

We’ve got final breakups, some stunning ass, an insult from Fiddleheadj, allegations of incest and rape, and have we found the new SexyChris, German Style?

Just another week in the wacky world of Social Casting.


Theresa’s Envy Over Zelda’s Body:

MS jealous of Zelda

Whereas you have 3ft long drooping tits and an ass that could be used to protect the American – Mexican border.

Can see why you are a bit peeved.

Randall – My Incest Hell:

When you want to confide in somebody that your Grandfather raped your Mother, choosing Joe Walsh to share it with is probably not the wisest decision you could make.

Has The Bank Of Angel Run Dry?

We all know Chris breaks up with Angel when she refuses to send him more cash, but has she finally ran out of savings and pay day loans to fund her e-lovers alcoholism?

SexyChris - I'm single for good this time

Still, when you are going through a difficult breakup, it always helps when you can go and cook yourself the finest cuisine.

SexyChris - having pasta

Looks stunning Chris, stunning!

Has Tobiman Taken Over The Kings Role?

Talking of Chris, i think we have a new Heir to the throne, to replace the exiled Christopher While.

This guy can drink….well, when he finally pours it that is.

Seriously though, this man drinks like 24/7 and never seems to be drunk, well, not in the same state that Chris used to get in. I don’t know if he’s dying and wants to go out all guns blazing (which if is the case, fair play dude) or if he is trying to die? But with his weight and that much alcohol consumption every day, this dude won’t be here too long ๐Ÿ™


James Packer Learns Shortcode:

Jamespackers mega long link


Can you imagine if you are not used to Copy and Paste?

Rizzo Asks Why Billybobcesspool Won’t Blog About Him:



CarlosDangerr – Cute Ass Alert:

She might not have the intellect to rival Stephen Hawkings, but Jesus, she’s got some hot body.


And finally, we end with a shocking personal attack from Fiddleheadj of all people.

Fiddleheadj – Insult Of The Week:

Hey, maybe it was a hot day?

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

7 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending 10-07-2106”

  1. Master of Muppets

    can’t understand jack shit from the videos, the audio is doubled – echo…

    1. Ellis

      No one cares about your problems, Cryin’ Ryan you pussy.

  2. Dusty_Bin

    all videos ok here,
    as for Chris he will be back with Angel thats his money buddy.
    That other guy that with the drink, where does he put it all, Chris spills most and gets rat raced, this guy skinny and no where near as mad and ranting.
    As for that Hippo Michelle Stacy Enough said.

  3. William Poole Esq.

    I don’t get it. Is Rizzo supposed to be owning me in that clip?

    1. I suppose that’s down to what a definition of ‘owning’ is really. But he does have a point.I have noticed you do have a tendency to either a) ignore Rizzo’s Skype calls, or b) quickly hang up.

  4. Einstein

    Mark Vaughn
    20 hrs ยท
    Spent the entire day overthinking and over-complicating things. I’m on the verge of something amazing but I need to slow down and be smart.

    Mark is a genius but still hasn’t finished Vaughnlive yet. Everything coming soon.

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