Cr3am – Do You Know That..

SexyChris was live on your Website today?

Well the self proclaimed King wasn’t going to let a silly ban stop him from casting. Hell no, when the King want’s to return, all he has to do is…

Go to Amy’s if course!!

Although, the thrill of having the King back lasted about as long Ryan HiFi’s self ban’s from here. It was a bore, a total fucking borefest trust me.

Then right in the middle of their cast, they suddenly disappear. The King and his Princess gone, just like that.

Hmm, Cr3am has seen Chris and he’s pulled the plug, i bet that will be it right?



As much as i hate when people fuck with casters family or friends who aren’t involved with casting sites, i have to admit, this was another gem from Mark Gronan.

I can’t figure out if her Mam’s shock was the fact is was a) Chris b) her lesbian daughter was sucking off a man, or c) the fact she thought somebody was watching both A and B?










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8 Thoughts to “Cr3am – Do You Know That..”

  1. Willy Wonka

    This was comedy classic,

  2. 666666

    The queen is dead poor Angel bannished and made fun of in Amys room. Although of course I bet she was ghosting and getting more and more angry.

    Still I suppose she finally learnt that Chris is just a user nothing more.

    But on the plus side Chris looked better than i had seen him look in a long time. Of course the police losing the evidence must of helped him (if that was true) and all charges were dropped. Teflon Chris strikes again although one day his luck will run out.

  3. Ryan Hifi

    I can’t say that’s a gem, I can say it’s a lowlife scumbag move. Jealous of another caster’s popularity or something, what else can it be? I mean if you’re trying to take the so-called ‘moral high ground’, you wouldn’t be making prank calls and laughing about it Gronan. This is why I cannot respect any of these people who claim it’s okay to be judging and monitoring a caster’s in person life. You lose all credibility when you do things like this. It’s all just designed to piss Chris off in the hopes of seeing him have a tantrum on a cast or on his facebook comments.

    1. Ryan no one gives a shit about you or anything you have to say. Why do you continue to post your incoherent autistic ramblings? Your mother should’ve done the sensible thing and aborted you instead of shitting you out of her diseased vagina.

      1. Ryan Hifi

        I understand that your psyche requires you to insult me to feel better about yourself. It’s okay, I pity you.

  4. Willy Wonka

    Who’s popularity ? Chris is very far from popular, Or did you mean Amy.
    I would not want your respect any way Ryan, your away in cuckoo land with rose tinted glasses. Coming out with sentences that you think make you clever, seriously you should be in a padded cell.

    1. Ryan Hifi

      When Mark Gronan goes live and does a cast to entertain (he doesn’t anymore, but he used to), does he get as many views as these others? Nope. He’s trying to gain more popularity and notoriety by doing these things, but it’s not working is it? 🙂

      1. How many viewers do you get Ryan? Zero. No one gives a shit about you or your constant whining, you pussy ass bitch.

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