SexyChris: Here’s My Hard Drives Darling

Well after months of speculation, i am still no nearer to discovering what REALLY happened with Chris, the Police, and his confiscated hard drives.

Here we have Chris showing us what he claims are the hard drives that the Police confiscated. Are they the original ones? Who knows?

But it was funny to see him back to his old self in his bitter battle with Mark Gronan.



It wasn’t all arguing for Chris though. A bit later on, we had the return of Anna and Stephen ( albeit a very short one) where they came with some ‘unusual’ goodies for Christopher.

When i say unusual,  they would be a normal part of our shopping lists, but hey, this is Chris remember 😉



So to sum it up. Do we, or will we, ever know the truth about the allegations?

Probably not.

Does anybody even care anymore?

Probably not.

Was it good to see a cast that wasn’t one of the usual daily dire borefests that are left on VL and Ivlog?

Most definitely.












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4 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Here’s My Hard Drives Darling”

  1. Norma Earbud

    Think that bag of stuff was a hint for chris to sort the ole hygiene out, maybe he is going somewhere next week 😉

  2. you just admitted publicly that you spend months of your life watching a guy who claims like child porn and openly masturbates on camera, then you followed it up with “am I glad to finally see someone interesting to watch on the internet” lol are you sure you’re not related to scuttlebutt? how fucking boring is it in the UK man? hahahahaha Jesus H

    1. Good evening Shawnio.

      I spend months watching lots of different people on the Internet, that tends to be what a Social Casting Blogger does.

      After watching hours and hours of the dross that’s left on the cam sites,
      having an out and out nutcase like Chris to watch is a relief, yes.

      As nobody knows who Scuttlebutt is, i can therefore neither confirm or deny that we are of any relation.

      The UK is very boring. Unless you like 360 days of rain and cold weather it’s pretty fucking miserable.

      Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions,


  3. Shawnio

    No thanks mate you pretty much wrapped that all up nicely lol

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