Shez Jackson Returns: Nobody Cares

Good old Shezza dusted off his dancing shoes and made an appearance on Ivlog last night. Although, you could of been watching any of his last dozen casts on a replay for what it was worth.

Same old scenes, same old music, same old UK Invasion guys….

It was that bad, i didn’t even record any of it. There is only so much of Dicky trying to convince himself that he is a ladies man (LOL) , or John, Freestyleradio1 telling Shez that his cast is the greatest ever blah blah that you can stomach.

It was so boring, that Chris had double the amount of viewers in his room, at the same time as Shez, even though he wasn’t even casting.

shez back on ivlog

shez back on ivlog2

Even Rizzo, who’s cast is renowned for being a ghost town, only had 5 less people watching.

shez back on ivlog1

The problem that these guys have still, is that they believe their own hype. Freestyleradio1 is so deluded, it’s cringeworthy listening to him describe how he’s a ‘class’ above all other casters, and that people should be paying for the privilege of being able to watch the ‘entertainer’ Shez Jackson.

Then they wonder why twice as many people would rather watch a blank screen than watch the same old same old in their channels.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

2 Thoughts to “Shez Jackson Returns: Nobody Cares”

  1. Ryan

    Yet another jealous post eh Karl or whatever your name is. Just when I thought you weren’t going to single out UK Invasion every chance you bloody get, you do it yet again. Shez comes on for a nice cast, had a good amount of people in the room. At one point I was watching too. It was a whole lot of fun. You missed out because you didn’t come in and participate in the fun or request any songs – you just sat there recording and judging. It’s very clear that every post you make concerning these 3 people is purely designed to try to get them hated by everyone else. Newsflash – it’s not working. Go watch the drama casts.

  2. Psychic phil

    When i seen someone had left a comment’ i knew that comment would be from Ryan. 🙂

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