Cameron Dumps Angel – Chris Sees Pound Signs

Oh dear, AngelStormee’s new found romance with Cameron Texas is over! Despite finding a guy who doesn’t ask her for money all the time, who knows how to wipe his backside, and doesn’t rant at and abuse her constantly, the ‘love’ seems to have disappeared quicker than one of Chris’ benefit payments.

After deciding that Leah wasn’t the MILF for Cameron, he made it clear to both Leah and Chris, that he wanted nothing to do with Angel, and wished the best for the pair of them.

Camreon doesn't want Angel

This led to Sexy’ head spinning with love hearts and pound notes (ok, maybe just pound notes) so he wasted no time in contacting his ex girlfriend cash machine and asking her to get back with him.

Only this time, they were to keep it secret.

Which may of just worked, had Chris not turned his cast on, when he thought he was only on Skype 🙂


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