Love And Marriage – Episode 1

They say you know when you are comfortable with your partner, when you can talk about anything to each other.

And there is no better example of this, than the wonderful Anita (Sonchild196) and her Husband David.

Watch as he patiently and tenderly see’s to her every needs, and even listen’s with sympathy to her rather personal ‘issues’

**Apologies for the incorrect grammar, i had a Scuttlebutt moment 🙁

There’s nothing like true love!

9 Thoughts to “Love And Marriage – Episode 1”

  1. LadyLaura

    At least she has a person there for her. Someone who loves her enough to do this stuff for her, it’s not easy, but she has a companion. She’s not sitting in front of a computer trying to hurt people and mock them to get them to react negatively.

  2. lipalert

    when she said shit bag i pissed myself ironically (with laughter)…

  3. TK

    LOL I love how you have done this video Karl, with the ‘theme’ and it would be great if we had further ‘episodes’ of David and Anita. I know a lot of people give Anita a hard time and I do understand why, at times she can be a bit too much, but I’ve always liked her. She does have her calm sensible rational moments when you can have a decent if not intelligent conversation. But on her ‘manic’ days yes anything can happen. I still kinda have a soft spot for her though, I like her and enjoy watching her. To me she’s very likeable, she makes me smile and she’s harmless you know?

  4. I think she is brilliant. With all the doom and gloom happening around the world at the moment, spending a couple of hours with Anita is just what the doctor ordered.

    She’s not got a bad bone in her body, and the fact that she prefers animals to humans makes her even more special in my book.

    But, i have to be fair to David, and although in that video it did make him seem a bit grumpy and nasty, he does do a lot for her. I’ve seen him run up and downstairs to fetch her drinks and food without her even asking him. He might groan a bit (lol) but he does look after her.

    I agree with you about the trolls. Although, i don’t think she would give another thought to anything said on VL once she shuts her cast down. She’s strong enough to handle any names thrown at her.

    I’m sure there will be many more episodes 🙂 because with Anita, you just never know what is going to happen day to day, that’s what i like about her casts.

    I just wish i’d managed to record her telling the story about the Jew hating surgeon (even though she’s Christian lol) who was Lemony’s friend and was the one cutting her open in Hospital, with the view to killing her on the operating table 🙂 🙂

    No doubt episode two won’t be far away 😉

    1. Tink

      Couldn’t have said it any better Karl.

      As far as David, I think anyone in the same position would have moments of their patience being tested. All married couples do (and non married). We’re all human and we’re meant to experience all the different emotions, even the negative ones of frustration. I think he does a good job of taking care of her, it can’t be any fun (changing her bag etc, poor Anita) so he is bound to get a bit fed up with it at times.

      What I love most about Anita is how many (trolls) underestimate her, she is a tough cookie and even though her casts are pure entertainment, I actually really like HER too. Even her quirky, kooky ways. It’s kinda part of what makes her so special. Plus she always can make me smile, no matter how shitty my day has been.

      HAHA I wish I had heard that story about the jew hating surgeon! well no doubt there will be many more stories from her and all of them as great as the next.

      One thing I truly like about you Karl? you do not make fun of, abuse, torment, harass, genuinely vulnerable or unwell people. Anything you do post is for good reason and you always make sure you verify it’s genuine. A LOT of blogs, make things up, or alter and embellish the facts to suit whatever agenda they have that week. It’s so juvenile.

      Anyway keep up the good work and all the best to you.


  5. Babs

    ITV Have ordered more Anita and David episodes set to air after Coronation Street 😉

  6. RUBY

    Is anita unwell ? it sounded like she now has a colostomy bag? if so thats very sad i like anita alot x

    1. Yeah, she had an operation just before Christmas and they accidentally cut through her bowels, so now she has to use a colostomy bag until she has her next op.

      She’ll be fine though, Anita is tougher than she thinks.

  7. RUBY

    Awwww poor thing 🙁 , she seems pretty laid back about it tho so that,s good , hope she gets it all sorted , thanks karl for the info x

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