Clips Of The Week – Ending 05-02-2017

This week we had the unveiling of the new Staff room on Vaughnlive (a bit pointless, but) some classic LikLik  behaviour and we find out about poor Anita’s disastrous first love.

Just some of the weird and wonderful shenanigans that have been taking place over the last 7 days in the wonderful world of Social Casting!



Whirlwind Mocks Mr’s Roper:

Poor Roper. She was obviously fed a load of “oh you’ll be ok, nobody will ever find out it is you that owns the blog” tripe by the real owner when she was asked/offered to take full responsibility for it all.


SexyChris: The Police Are Dropping All Charges For The 2nd Time.

This is probably the strangest thing i’ve ever come across so far on the cam sites.

I just can’t get my head round why the Police came and took his computer again? I mean, the first time, i suppose they acted off a tip off ( wonder who did that?) although, from my unfortunate years of experience dealing with the Police force, they usually require more than just an anonymous call accusing somebody of something, before they press charges etc.

What is even stranger, is them doing it a 2nd time, especially after they realised the first lot of info was incorrect.

But, whatever their reasons, it appears Chris has been cleared of all suspicion, and therefore, is innocent.


Sonchild196returns: My First Boyfriend Deceived Me!

Nothing unusual about a guy lying and deceiving his girlfriend you might say.

Well no, it happens everyday, but for poor Anita, this wasn’t your box standard ‘cheating’ or ‘it’s me, not you’ excuse for dumping his smitten lover.

No, of course not. I mean, nothing ‘standard’ ever happens in the life of one of Britain’s finest eccentrics.


So there you have it girls, beware of one testicle men, as they are female really, and therefore, you would be having some form of lesbian sex, regardless of the fact he has a penis. Don’t be fooled!!!

I’m beginning to think that not even a nuclear fallout could be responsible for producing so many ‘special’ people like Mark Vaughn has.



Scruffy And GG Open The New Staff Room.

The staff at VL decided that it would be a great idea to create a new room for you all, the Staff Room.

What does it do?

Well, nothing, to be precise.

But Scruffy did fill us in on some info regarding the upcoming ‘Snowflakes’ website.

Oh, and some info on why she doesn’t sign in much these days 🙂

I still can’t decide if the whole cast was just a troll, or she really believes half of what she said?


Cherrybreeze Is Cloning In To Tobi:

Mentally, she is about as stable as a 3 legged chair, but unless you ‘bat for the other side’ so to speak, you can’t deny she’s worth a bang.

 But, is a good shag always worth the after effects?

Party lights in the background, non stop German music played, sudden struggle with speaking English, can you see where this is going?

It’s an obsession with Tobi. Couples often replicate what the other does, that’s natural. But  this looks like it’s heading towards rabbits and cooking pans at this rate.


SexyChris: I Appeared On X-Factor:

To end the post, lets go out on a lighter note (see what i did there) and enjoy the King reproducing his performance from the X-Factor 2013.

Just how he never became the next superstar i’ll never know.

Maybe he should of performed this ditty little note, this would of blown them away for sure.

There’s not a sane judge anywhere that wouldn’t of put him through with that epic performance…even if just for the lulz.

But seriously, i hope he does enter this years, this could be the break Chris has been looking for, and his chance to take his fame and stardom to the tv screens, ala Honey G.


So until next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody out there worse off than you 😉









5 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week – Ending 05-02-2017”

  1. Babs

    Simon Cowell would love SexyChris

  2. ladylaura

    You like to bang women with rotten teeth? Cherrybreeze has an awesome body, but would you really want to see that face smiling at you with those rotten teeth?

  3. Whirlwind is partially correct however what he is referring to is the registrar information that displays ownership of a domain name.All domains and website are required to be registered on the internet.The only thing I wanted to say is that it should be understood that registrar information CAN be private for an additional fee.The fact that Roper and company did not pay the extra fee to hide the information is sort of stupid if she/they wanted to remain anonymous.Without anonymity, Roper/scuttles are sort of not able to excuse responsibility for their actions.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that anything posted on a website or blog is not necessarily illegal activity.If you post facts backed up by screenshots, or post things considered to be an opinion it is not really considered defamation or libel. These people who broadcast are doing it PUBLICLY without any guarantee of privacy.Just like being in a public place.You can request someone not retain a photo of you taken in a public place but you have no right to privacy.Police officers can be filmed without permission and they cannot do anything about it.They are a public servant and not guaranteed privacy (at least in the united states) .

    Sometimes I feel that people are being a little obsessive over what is posted on these kinds of websites. It’s a little too much. Whirlwind seems to be one of those kinds of people who become obsessed with other people.It’s been over a year Whirlwind.Don’t you think it’s time to move on?

    1. ScuttlebuttIsGay

      Screen caps are easily faked. FFS, Monkey Sniffer literally does nothing other than create fake shit in photoshop. Scuttles blog has ZERO credibility and Roper is a complete moron that Scuttlebutt took advantage of.

      Scuttlebutt needed a patsy for if the shit ever hits the fan. He wanted to take the heat off himself.

      To be honest it’s only a matter of time before Roper gets into legal trouble. That blog is out of control. She must be seriously stupid.

  4. ScuttlebuttIsAFag

    I got through half of the Scruffy video before the stench of bullshit got too overpowering. The woman is a COMPLETE moron that doesn’t have a fucking clue what she’s talking about.

    Mark uses Wowza and Wowza supports HTML5 video (HLS and MPEG-DASH) right out of the box. Literally no extra code needed. There’s a lot of HTML5 video players that are customisable like VideoJS, Flowplayer, JWPLayer etc etc. Why would any sane person try to reinvent the wheel? Wouldn’t the time be better spent in other areas?

    Even sites like Hitbox and Twitch use 3rd party players.

    So if Mark is trying to code his own player, he’ll for sure be using a Javascript library called hls.js or dash.js. So yeah, as for them “coding” everything from scratch it’s a COMPLETE lie.

    No only that Mark’s uses a Javascript library called jQuery for his front end code.

    Wowza and jQuery are made up of hundreds of thousands of lines of code. I guarantee that 90% of the code that powers Vaughn IS 3rd party.

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