Love And Marriage – Episode 3

Welcome to the latest installment of married life with David and Anita. Your typical married couple from the South of the UK, we get a Big Brother insight to how marriage can have its ups and downs and the pressures put on your spouse when the other takes ill.

This episode we see how accidents can easily happen when you are an OCD drinker and your partner is getting old.

Enjoy 🙂

Just goes to show…..

Drinking coffee is bad for your Husband!







3 Thoughts to “Love And Marriage – Episode 3”

  1. Someone

    David should try drinking alcohol, might knock some sense into that fat idiot!

  2. Justme

    David comes from a famliy of poicemen and prison screws so little surprise he is a cunt.

  3. The_Maze

    Poor David got triggered there, Anita looked like she was ready to burst out laughing. I know she has had a pretty big op and Davids been running round after her, but she does seem to be taking his help to a advantage, she needs to move about more.

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