BubbaGanoosh Hits Back At Scruffy (More Footage Added)

Following on from the claim from Scruffy that the Scrag “got ran off by the blogs” Bubba was back to explain his absence and to say he wasn’t too happy is an understatement.

It’s a long video, but well worth a watch as Bubba unleashes some home truths on Mark and Mommy.

Two things need clearing up here. 1) When Scruffy said they were “ran of by the blogs” what she really meant was Scuttlebutts. Not the Woodshed, not Paquets, not UKM, just Scuttlebuttscorner. 2) This has been carefully manipulated by somebody, as the screencap that was shown to Bubba was from Adambro’s cast which is here in full on the latest clips of the week.

Now i’m not a fan of the Vaughn’s for one minute, but i believe the truth should be told in a case like this.

Below is the screencap that set the Scrag on a rage.


Now at first looks, it does look like Scruffy is talking about the Scrag when she says “they tried kissing Marks and my butts and when they didn’t get what they wanted they cried”

But, the truth is, she was talking about all the banned whingers from Scuttlebutts blog when she was saying that, not the Scrag. It’s all in our video if you don’t believe me.

And when certain people made that screencap and made sure Bubba got it, they obviously succeeded in manipulating Bubba and crew into thinking she was talking about them.

Still, it made a Tuesday morning more interesting on VL than usual 🙂

**Update: Video’s 2 & 3 added:

Here is some extra footage from the Bubba rant at Scruffy from yesterday. Now i’ve had to move the logo down in to the middle of the screen for these, because as i’m sure you will have noticed, Janice pinched our video and edited our UKM logo from the top, as to claim they recorded it LOL.

But Janice being Janice, and as dumb as rocks, forgot to edit the very left hand side out…


You see the tiny bit of the blue image running down the left hand side?

Ok, lets take a look at Scuttlebutts Bubba vid 🙂



But i even left a comment on their post this morning, saying they could at least credit this site for supplying them the video talk about, but as usual, Janice denied it’s been taken from here LMAO.

You only have to listen to the audio on their copy, to see it’s been recorded as it was playing on somebody’s desktop, not recorded direct from VL So sadly, i’ve had to move our logo down to the middle. Hopefully it doesn’t affect you watching them, but these things have to be done 😉


10 Thoughts to “BubbaGanoosh Hits Back At Scruffy (More Footage Added)”

  1. IP

    Yeah, she was definitely talking about the Scuts, people like Michellestacy and Wabbs, when she said they kissed ass and left when they didn’t get their own way. But lol at Bubba going mental at the Vaughns when he hid behind their skirts and was allowed to get away with murder for years.
    Puts a gun to his head, shoots himself with pellet guns, suicidal tendencies, rule breaking, recasting warlord (for which I got banned for), recasting and bullying Grimreaper and evilMJ to the point of almost getting Grim’s father to beat him, nudity, bullying the disabled, having protection where if you speak one bad word against Bubba you were banned from the site.
    They put a silver spoon in his mouth and the crybaby spat it out. Bubba is the ultimate pussy

    1. IP

      I will say though, Scuts certainly did not run the scrag off of VL, that claim is ridiculous. That is Scruffy stirring up drama as usual. What is more likely, however, is that Bubba or GG with their elite status demanded a little too much special privilege and were refused, and thus division ensued. Bubba is like Mark’s baby brother, and MissScruffy’s bastard child – he will be back before long and running the site like he’s staff again

      1. IP

        Apologies for spam, sending this message after watching the entire thing.
        I got a bit of respect for Bubba for admitting he was behind the Vaughns backs no matter what they done, and he acknowledges why people may have seen him as an ass kisser. And he is right, no other caster was behind them as much as he was. And Scruffy saying the blogs ran him off, she just loves to stir up the drama. And now he knows what we all know, Scruff is ruining the site! I didn’t know the full story, didn’t know his kids were being getting involved so I understand his side and I think I’m with him on this one (for once, lol). Bubba didn’t deserve that backstabbery treatment

        All that being said, if he isn’t banned for this rant, objectively speaking, he is still a favourite – any other caster would be gone.

  2. I don’t know how bubba can criticize anyone. Here’s a man who refuses to work, has his near 40 yo wife strip so he can sit at home for a decade smoking drugs all day. What is bubba going to do when his wife is 46? I’ve never seen a 46 yo stripper, what then?

  3. Warlord's FBI File

    She still said the scrag wouldn’t be back, etc. Scruffy is a drama queen, with nothing in her life but her son, who is now an adult with a subpar education and complete emotional dependency on her. She’s happy, so nothing will change on that shit site.

  4. Avid Blog Reader

    Good post. Something else is real funny too. That ‘other blog’ is stealing your material. Just because they cut the UKMuppets logo and the chat box we can still see that it’s your video *giggle*
    Everyone knows if you want quality content, this is the place to be. Posts are few and far between but it’s still the best around.
    Bubba will stay on Vaughn and he will still be there in another 3 years. IF the site is still going…

  5. 666666

    Not a fan of Bubba and his scrag minions all a bunch of vL asslickers. We all know Scruffy is killing Vaughn, she uses it as her own personal score settling & power trip site. Bubba says all this now but in a couple of weeks he will have his tongue stuck firmly back up scruffys fat ass along with GG and all the other Scrag oiks.

  6. 666666

    IP you know the Vaughns dont have favs lol. I got banned for daring to argue with Scruffy that they did. I never cast but my room was shut down for violation of the Terms & Conditions. I laughed so much over that. Still say that given time Bubba et al will be back in the arms and bosom of Scruffy.

  7. 6969696969696969


  8. 666666

    69696969696969 is my rather out of control brother or sister never was sure which that one was lol. But its true licking, brown nosing and asses will be connected again soon,

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