BubbaGanoosh Hits Back At Scruffy (More Footage Added)

Following on from the claim from Scruffy that the Scrag “got ran off by the blogs” Bubba was back to explain his absence and to say he wasn’t too happy is an understatement.

It’s a long video, but well worth a watch as Bubba unleashes some home truths on Mark and Mommy.

Two things need clearing up here. 1) When Scruffy said they were “ran of by the blogs” what she really meant was Scuttlebutts. Not the Woodshed, not Paquets, not UKM, just Scuttlebuttscorner. 2) This has been carefully manipulated by somebody, as the screencap that was shown to Bubba was from Adambro’s cast which is here in full on the latest clips of the week.

Now i’m not a fan of the Vaughn’s for one minute, but i believe the truth should be told in a case like this.

Below is the screencap that set the Scrag on a rage.


Now at first looks, it does look like Scruffy is talking about the Scrag when she says “they tried kissing Marks and my butts and when they didn’t get what they wanted they cried”

But, the truth is, she was talking about all the banned whingers from Scuttlebutts blog when she was saying that, not the Scrag. It’s all in our video if you don’t believe me.

And when certain people made that screencap and made sure Bubba got it, they obviously succeeded in manipulating Bubba and crew into thinking she was talking about them.

Still, it made a Tuesday morning more interesting on VL than usual 🙂

**Update: Video’s 2 & 3 added:

Here is some extra footage from the Bubba rant at Scruffy from yesterday. Now i’ve had to move the logo down in to the middle of the screen for these, because as i’m sure you will have noticed, Janice pinched our video and edited our UKM logo from the top, as to claim they recorded it LOL.

But Janice being Janice, and as dumb as rocks, forgot to edit the very left hand side out…


You see the tiny bit of the blue image running down the left hand side?

Ok, lets take a look at Scuttlebutts Bubba vid 🙂



But i even left a comment on their post this morning, saying they could at least credit this site for supplying them the video talk about, but as usual, Janice denied it’s been taken from here LMAO.

You only have to listen to the audio on their copy, to see it’s been recorded as it was playing on somebody’s desktop, not recorded direct from VL So sadly, i’ve had to move our logo down to the middle. Hopefully it doesn’t affect you watching them, but these things have to be done 😉