SexyChris Hears Those Dreaded Words

There are two words that would be abolished from the English language if Chris had his way.

Work and Alcoholic:

The mere mention of either of those dastardly words trigger aggressive panic attacks in Christopher, so imagine his horror when he’s just casually scrolling through the VaughnLive casts and stumbles upon Maddy, talking Chris, and one of the words that shall not be repeated….

To be fair to Maddy, she was spot on in everything she said there. The constant e-begging for alcohol money, the tantrums and threats to turn his cam off if people don’t donate etc..

All of it is 100% true. And as much as Chris wants to bury his head in the sand, he needs to watch this back, and take a good hard look at himself, before he rants and name calls people for saying it how it is.

Of course, it’s his life, his body, and he can drink as much as he wants. But when you do something that you want people to watch, and especially when you also want those same people to continuously give you their money, then they have every right to comment on how they ‘see’ your ‘show’.









5 Thoughts to “SexyChris Hears Those Dreaded Words”

  1. Babs

    Spot on Maddy ! Hit the nail right on the head !

  2. The_Maze

    Truth hurts hey Chris, it is a shame alcohol as took over his life, you can tell how its got to him by the reaction he gave to what maddy said. as he says its his life his liver he can do what he want etc etc, and people are also free to comment on what they see. Of course were all against him and were all boring Ba$tards because are lives aint consumed by alcohol.

  3. maddy

    i may have some wine in my hand chris but i dont ask for donations nor does my stream revolve around money and constant begging for beer money ,the only reason you dont like my comments are because you know its true , thank you uk muppets for recording that part of my cast maybe some sence will drop into christophers head but somehow i dont think it will

    1. Babs

      Unfortunately It won’t Maddy

  4. comedy gold

    Hhahaha such timing! comedy gold right there.

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