Marks Work Cast: The Best Of

A bit late i know, but here are the best bits from Mark’s work cast the other night, where he talks about many different topics from his being in the armed forces (yes, he really say he’s been in the military) to wanting Ice Poseidon to be the new face of VL.

Oh, and the rage quit because of Scruffy banning and purging anyone who dared to speak!



After watching that whole cast back, not just the edited clips you see here, you get the sense that if Mark was in control of VL on his own, things would be a hell of a lot different.

You saw at the end of the 2nd video that he just shut his cast down out of nowhere when he saw how Scruffy was banning/purging even the softest of comments.

Is Mark really the asshole we all thought, or is he in actual fact quite a chilled out dude who is being constantly nagged to do this or do that?

One thing that is certain is he still provides some lulz.

Mark signed up for the armed forces? Really?

Without wanting to sound harsh, i couldn’t imagine Mark being out in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, ready to take on 50 Taliban, could you?

And you definitely wouldn’t want him in control of their vital IT communications!

I don’t think it will ever happen, but just out curiosity, i would love to see how VaughnLive ran for a month without Scruffy being around.









6 Thoughts to “Marks Work Cast: The Best Of”

  1. IP

    Is Ice Poseidon casting there now or is it his wet dream?
    Of course he would want him there, because he draws the traffic. Ice is too good for that site

  2. Babs

    It’s like when he hopes Keemstar would cast on Vaughn hence why he’s always kissing Keemstars arse.

  3. The_Maze

    Typical Miss Scruffy, always likes to be in control. Mark was just going with the cast and along comes scruffy to ruin it.

  4. IP

    You also got to love how he calls iVlog iFled for Vaughn’s banned yet he’s trying to scupper up banned Twitch users. Vaughn got semi-successful not from any smart business moves but from sheer luck, with BlogTv , Stickam, and JTV all shutting down at the right time

  5. Anon

    Scuttles and his mods bans people from the shoutbox more than scruffy does on the their site..

  6. Spectre

    That daft old cunt is ruining the whole site for Mark

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