Clips Of The Week Ending 24-09-2017

This last week has been a week of threats, with more than 1 person wanting to punch me in the face (LOL) threats to MeNellie, Mark Gronan, Babs, the Milkman, and just about anybody who breathes.

And that was just from SexySandra!

We also catch up with an embarrassing cock up from Mark Vaughn, and some amazing educational tips from Adambro.

All that, and we even get to hear why somebody doesn’t like Mondays.


Mark Vaughn: Do As I Say Not As I Do:

This had me chuckling when i first watched this. I have to be honest here, and say that since he started his daily casts, i’ve actually enjoyed them all.

But just when you start to think that maybe i got Mark all wrong, and actually, he is a decent bloke, he goes and drops a bollock like this.


“hell yeah, i love video ads” he says, straight after turning his ABP off.

What was it Mark once said?

“People who use Adblock Plus are assholes”



Adambro Talks Sh*t:


But it’s not just the fact that the Strawberries you just ate will have probably been growing in Zelda’s shit that Adam educates us with, we also learn just what USB slots were originally made for, and an astonishing fact regarding Lesbians.


Adambro: Lesbians Don’t Eat:


Well blow me down with a feather! Lesbians produce semen. Adam is God!


Adambro: What USB Slots Are Really For:

Wait till my Missus next visits, my 6 USB slots will be burnt out 😉


SexySandra: Five Pound Says You Won’t Come To My Door:

He’s been causing quite a stir in our chat the last week or so, and he was even more confrontational and aggressive (also very drunk) on cam.

First off, he vents his anger at MeNellie.

Then after falling over, puking up and his face falling in it, he’s back for more, where he spreads his anger out to myself, Mark Gronan, Babs, and just about anybody who isn’t Chris or Ryderbak lol.

It looks like somebody gave him a black eye in the 2nd video, but rest assured, it was just vomit.

No harm was done in the filming of this video, only to his right side of his face, which was assaulted with the remains of his stomach lining.


Welshguy: I want To Punch UKM’s Face in:

This all came about after some of the chatters in our chat box reported Chris to Twitch, for casting under a new name.

But what the others in the Skype call don’t realise is, Chris is site banned from Twitch, so they didn’t ban him because he did anything wrong on this particular occasion, but because he’s not welcome back there EVER!

Not sure a Court would see that as being “unlawful” Shaine 🙂

Still, at least he didn’t threaten to go full force on us like he did when he caught the lad who robbed his house that time.

I don’t think i’d survive being duct taped to a sheep, good god no.


Chris: I Can’t Wait For Monday:

As most of you will know, tomorrow, Monday 25th September should be the day Chris finally faces the Courts over his alleged CP offences.

Now whether this will actually go ahead as planned is a bit confusing as he’s still not on the Courts listings as of Sunday evening, even though all the other cases are.

Was that smug little grin Chris hoping to do what he did last time, and let people turn up, knowing full well the case has been adjourned again?

I will know for certain first thing Monday morning when i phone them up. Until then, it’s looking like it’s been put back again for me.

Either way, we will be sure to run the outcome here 🙂


Till next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody worse off than you 😉








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