Chrisreardonuk: Hi Vaughn – Give Us A Call

Chris has been casting on VL for a few weeks now, but it was only last night that anybody has really noticed him.  He’s a friendly kind of chap, but, he’s obviously not heard that much about VaughnLive, because if he did, he certainly wouldn’t go giving out his home phone number and place of work…

It looks like he’s not reading the chat, or he’s playing a pre-recorded video. But that is because he casts to VL, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, just about every social casting site going, so only has one or two chats on view.

Like i said, he seems a friendly enough bloke, but if he’s going to last more than a month on VL, i hope he’s got a thick skin.

I mean, giving out his full name, home phone number, and place of work, on VL, what could possibly go wrong?








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