How To Solve A Problem Like No Guest Chat?

So, after Monkeysniffer’s promise that guest chat would be re-introduced within a week of it being taken away, we are still nowhere near having the ‘guesties’ back.

But it has been splitting opinion’s, with some glad it’s gone, and some, not so.

For me personally, i enjoyed the guest trolls. Take away Lardo and his “is this the jackass that raped a 14yr old” 300 times a night in Adam’s casts, and Scuttlebutt not being able to wish death on Scruffy every 20 minutes, then the rest of the more original, and humorous trolls, were brilliant entertainment.

So when ElectroJed returned to Vaughn today, and was asking for the guest chat back, it was bound to draw attention.

Especially from Mark and Scruffy.

You are better viewing the following video’s in Fullscreen to read the chat, as Mark throws his toys of the pram, and Scruffy accuses Jed of ‘neglecting’ VL because he doesn’t cast as much:

But on the other hand, Rizzo loves and misses his guest trolls, and even went over to Ivlog to cast, just so he could endure some real tough love lol.


See, this is what just doesn’t fit with all this “we got rid of guest chat to stop our casters being run off VL” nonsense.

Which casters left VL becuase the guests were trolling them?

And if there were any, did they not know that a simple /guestoff command would of removed the problem?

To me, there is some other reason that the Vaughn’s got rid of guest chat.

Legal implications?

Is he wanting to sell the site?

I don’t know. But, it seems hard to really believe that the guest chat went for ‘ protecting the casters’ reasons.

Although there was one Brucey bonus in it being removed. Lardo, Daniel and Scuttles can’t attack people like they used to.

Every cloud and that….








2 Thoughts to “How To Solve A Problem Like No Guest Chat?”

  1. A real life anonymous scientist person

    It is a sad commentary on the average IQ in a Vaughn Live channel when Electro-Beg is the smartest person there.

  2. 666666

    Its only cowards who dont have guest chat on and it seems most casters these days dont have the backbone to take on the odd troll, bring back the good old days.

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