Another FoxmanShawn Troll ( Edited)

So Foxman has convinced everybody that Joe Walsh has got him sacked from his job (again)

Listen. I like Foxman and i miss his casts. But Jesus, he’s an awful liar lol.




The thing with Fox is, just like many people can’t look somebody in the eye when they are lying to them, Fox can’t look at the cam when he’s telling fibs.

That’s the easiest way to know when he is trolling. If he goes on rant, he’ll always stare into the cam. If he starts telling you a story, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid looking direct at his webcam, it’s bullshit.

Add that to the fact that the video in question had only 12 views when i watched it, and that was after the link was posted in his Blab, and Joe Walsh was nowhere to be seen, i call a troll alert on this one.


Still, at least he’s up and dressed and ready to get the bus as normal this morning 😉

**Update: Looks like Fox Really did get Fired!

It looks like he genuinely did get fired from his job. The final thing to happen to convince me he’s not trolling on this one is Momma Pump and the way she’s acting. Either it’s true, or Foxman is pulling the best TROLL ever to date.

So i owe FOX an enormous apology as i called this one completely wrong. So Foxman, i apologise sincerely and i hope you find something really soon. If you wish us to take this post down, just contact us and i will remove it without hesitation.

All the best in what the future brings and once again, i apologise sincerely for posting completely incorrect information and adding any unnecessary stress it may have caused.





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8 Thoughts to “Another FoxmanShawn Troll ( Edited)”

  1. trooper

    He tried this bullshit before. He knows he needs to come up with fake content to get viewers. He in a union so he is protected. He probably took a sick day or is on vacation. This could also be another scam to get money from gullible idiots who buy his story being on a new site with new people.

  2. durpdurpdurp

    No it’s very much true Foxman has been fired verified by independant sources no troll this time.

  3. Ryan_Hifi

    This guy wins for worst liar ever….can’t stop grinning can he?

    1. Caroline F.

      Ryan you win for biggest fat ass in Canada. Go eat another pie, welfare bum.

  4. Anon

    He deserves to get fired. He is a racist, bigot and an antisemite. Look how him and joe dutch today are having gay sex.

  5. anonymous

    He does this every year he has vacation or sick time. People feel sorry for him and send him money. He did the same bullshit last year and the year before around this time. He’s still working at the same place, it’s been verified.

    1. Foxman the scammer

      Exactly, and so many fall for his lies every time he pulls this. New site new people to scam.

  6. He really was sacked this time guys. Fox never takes vacations more than a couple of days here and there, but he’s still not back at work 2 weeks later now.

    So, think we can take this one as him being genuine.

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