Olivia Talks jStevieo And Lardo444

Well it’s not been a good week for Stevieo at all has it. First we had the embarrassing ‘i’m a gangster and if you don’t say sorry i will have all your bones broken’ episode.

Then just as he probably thought things couldn’t get any worse, a blast from the past appears with some not so complimentary comments out his lewd behaviour and Lardo’s cyber bullying.

*Full credit to IrelandsPatriot for the video.


Jsteveio / Jsteveo Incestous Pervert Exposed from Crows Eye on Vimeo.

Now i watched and recorded the whole cast/interview and there was some quite disturbing revelations in there. But it’s IP’s story so it’s up to him when/if the whole interview will be published.

But i have a feeling Stevie is going to regret his threats and wish he’d just kept his head and not imploded like he did.








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11 Thoughts to “Olivia Talks jStevieo And Lardo444”

  1. Captain Obvious

    can’t make anything out because of the damn echo on her voice….

    1. Olivia

      Yeah that irks me lol no offense, Sean 😛 it was the recorder he used. Is there a way to edit it and then reupload it? It sounds fine if you listen to it with earphones with just one earphone in.

      1. ryan_hifi

        I have found if I use my computer’s volume control to only use the left channel and mute the right, you come through with no echo. The issue is the right side, which also doesn’t have any of him talking on it. So whoever is reading this, please listen to the left side only using your computer’s volume control (pan everything to the left)

  2. Nice banned Youtube video.

    Isn’t this the Olivia that married a man old enough to be her father? I don’t feel bad for Olivia. She instigates issues with other people and then when they respond accordingly, cries victim. She also pretends she spends no time online yet every single place you look there she is.

    Lardo got the best of Olivia.

    jstevio got the best of her as well.

    If someone gets the best of her immediately they are a criminal.They did something illegal.They are worse than anyone else.This is how Olivia operates.

    These female’s always acting innocent and above any wrongdoing. Hiding behind men and manipulating them.

    Well, it’s time to GROW UP and STOP FUCKING WITH PEOPLE ONLINE and then you will be left alone. None of you will ever get it.

    1. IP

      Olivia barely comes to these sites, you stupid idiot. Yeah, it’s a banned video because you flagged it, lol.
      Typical JSO and co. strategy. They flag it and then post about it after the video is down, lol.
      Olivia is a wonderful person, stop defending people that try to get people to commit suicide. Yes, we have proof of this. But I am sure if I upload it, that’ll be flagged down too, eh?

  3. Olivia

    Married someone old enough to be my father? LOL alrighty then… Someone must have failed mathematics…

    I never claimed to be a victim. If you actually had bothered to watch the video, I said I’m here to defend my friend. If anybody is a victim, it’s IP, getting sent death threats from this disgusting excuse for a human being.

    1. Please, by all means, tell us your age Olivia and then tell us your husband Paul’s age.After you do that STFU about defending the fact you married a man old enough to be your father. The pure fact you reacted the way you did pretty much shows guilt.You pretty much always claim to be the victim in every altercation you cause.It’s common to redirect the attention to someone else when you look bad.As far as IP is concerned he has a big mouth and is always threatening other people until they treat him the same in return.

      1. IP

        Wrong again. My actions have been completely reactive in defense of myself

      2. Captain Obvious

        Olivia is 23, not 19. Her husband is not even 40 yet. Nice try. Maybe where you come from people routinely have children at the age of 16 or 17 but that isn’t the norm everywhere else.

      3. Olivia

        Guilt? Guilty of what? lol

        Captain is right. Paul is 35 and if you still claim he’s old enough to be my dad then that makes you a pedo for fantasizing about an 11/12 year old in that way. That is fucked up.

        1. That is fucking 13 years age difference.You both are fucking sick.I detest you nub nubz.You man chested no titted beast.You harassed Lardo for attention and fail trolled the shit out of him until he lashed out and as usual you claimed you were the victim.Lardo and his mods BANNED you and KICKED you and made you an example and got the best of you so you kept returning.Now it’s all about defending IP but instead of IP standing up for himself now he makes it focus on you as if you are ever going to get anywhere with jstevio or lardo on this blog that nobody even pays any attention to.


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