GG Gets FoxmanShawn Perma Banned From VL

It’s a shame that GG doesn’t have her Mothers personality. Momma GG joined her on her cast, and what a lovely, down to earth woman she is.

Then sadly, we have Gamergirl!

Watch as she ends up getting Fox perma banned and his name taken when she claims that Fox goes around ‘mouth raping 13yr  boys’


What i find strange about all this, is Scruffy just taking GG’s word for it. How many times has both she and Mark claimed they can’t ban somebody unless you contact them with proof?

Or does that not apply if you are GG?






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4 Thoughts to “GG Gets FoxmanShawn Perma Banned From VL”

  1. foxman does mouth rape, he told the story like 2 years ago. He forced a kid at school to suck his dick. Then in his chat he said the kid deserved it.

    1. Yeah, but Foxman also say’s he has a financial backer searching for the right hosting site. Foxman also say’s he shits blood all the time. If you take everything Fox say’s as gospel, you mustn’t watch him very often lol.

      GG has a pattern. You’ll notice that any caster who tends to get bigger viewing figures than her, she dislikes.

      Foxman, and before that, remember when she turned on Electrojed when he started becoming popular? She also did the same to Hardwood as soon as he was getting more attention than her. The only one she hasn’t and won’t ever DARE turn on is Bubba, for the simple fact that Bubba is too quick witted for her and would destroy and humiliate her if she ever tried turning on him, so hence, that will never happen.

      She really is a nasty piece of work.

      But the main problem i found with watching all that happen was the way Scruffy just took GG’s word for it, without a shred of evidence ( as you could clearly see from the chat that she had never heard of this before) and perma banned. So by that logic, if i cast up and say that Frank Taylor once mugged and left a pensioner for dead in his earlier years, Scruffy would have to perma ban him. No?

      No, of course she wouldn’t. 1) She would want proof sending in to their contact email address, and 2) She would also repeat what she has told many people over the years, that what people do outside of VaughnLive is none of their business and they can only ban people for breaking VL ToS.

      Funny how the rules change for certain individuals eh 😉

  2. Not a VIP

    Scruffy takes GG side because Mark is in love with GG, and we cant have mummys boy Mark getting all upset because GG did not follow the TOS. so she just takes her word as truth. and dont forget rules only apply to certain casters and people.

  3. Captain Obvious

    Foxman was already permanently banned from vaughnlive WAY before this video was ever recorded. He hasn’t been allowed on their site for over 6 months if not even longer….every time he goes on and makes a new channel they shut him down, just like Chris While….

    So therefore, this video means nothing….

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