This Little Piggy Got All Butthurt And Mad

It seems being un-modded in a casting channel is enough to try and destroy a persons real life. Well, at least if you are morbidly obese, as ugly as sin, have ginger hair, have a disabled son through using hard drugs while pregnant, and are called Theresa Martinez.








So, this rancid looking thing is threatening to ruin Jackielee’s career and personal life.

All because she was un-modded?

What a big fat sensitive lump of lard!

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5 Thoughts to “This Little Piggy Got All Butthurt And Mad”

  1. chucky

    This is over not being a mod, hahaha. They fought before. Her and migraine are awful mods in any channel.

  2. 666666

    Totally confused when i was in Jackie’ room a couple of days ago they were all friends again after the last falling out over Bobb.

    Now another one of being unmodded ffs she needs to get a proper life not her make believe one or the one on the internet,

    1. chucky

      it won’t be the last time they fight and others on top of that. just another dramalamadraqueen along with many who associate with jackielee.

  3. FattyMS

    Is that Awful MichelleStacy still Unmodded? Or did Jackie buckle under the fat pigs girth?

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