Mark Vaughn: It’s Official – He’s A Nerd

When it comes to making yourself look an idiot in public, nobody does it better than Mark Vaughn.

So, when this happened, 95% of us found it quite entertaining, and fitting.



So, what does the t’internets most famous nerd think of the delivery lads sense of humour?



“i’m not angry or offended by it” but i’ll just phone up and ask for the supervisor, to cry and moan about it like a little girl…



Two points here.


  1. You claim you are not angry or offended by it, yet you feel the need to get the lad an official warning?
  2. You claim to be happy to be part of a “cutthroat” business world, yet take any competition to your business like an insult. What is it you call Ivlog again? What was it you kept telling your moronic followers about
  3. What was it you called the Admins of Streamup again?

Doesn’t sound like you are happy to be in a competitive world to me?

Hmm! When you say you always “push for perfection” i take it the following don’t apply;

  1. Supplying services that were promised, over a year after you decided that taking their money each month was appropriate?
  2. Supplying a service that doesn’t crash or f*ck up every few days?
  3. Lie about servers being full in order to deceive people into paying you a fee to continue watching a channel, despite it being proven on here and other sites online, that in fact, it was a scam?
  4. Contradicting yourself by banning anybody who shows a nipple, or a bare backside, yet are willing to make money from images similar to that from advertisers?



Gets all butthurt over a ‘nerd’ message left on a missed delivery card, then proceeds to insult and fire obscene comments at somebody who was having a debate with him….oh the irony!





Isn’t it strange how Mark thinks it’s fine to insult people, and find it hilarious when others insult them, yet cries like a baby ass bitch when somebody calls him a nerd?

You were correct on one thing though Mark. It was wrong to call you a nerd.

It should of been hypocritical asshole!






5 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn: It’s Official – He’s A Nerd”

  1. Monkey Sniffer Is A Pedo

    Mark Vaughn is literally the most repulsive person that I’ve ever come across. He’s nothing but a never ending torrent of lies, contradictions and bullshit. He’s completely crazy.

  2. UPS Driver

    Mark Vaughn is another one of them people who like to give it out, but soon as you give it back they start throwing a tantrum and stamping there feet.
    The guy is a sad Nerd, maybe the parcel guy was a Russian after all the were interfering with his latest failure,
    He cant win a argument, just turns nasty with abuse then does what a child would do Blocks you on Facebook
    Way to go Nerd Boy Top of the class.

  3. crybaby

    of course he was offended or he wouldn’t have called the company to make the complaint. Writing ‘nerd’ on the package I kind of wonder if it was someone who knows Mark in some way online, lol.

  4. growupmark

    Mark should not have posted that on facebook. He only embarrassed himself by doing so. Actually a lot of the stuff he posts on facebook or other social media he makes himself look foolish lol.

  5. Mark the fat virgin

    I want to be the next driver and say RECEIVED BY VIRGIN.

    And how about briiis latest ‘job’? They all lie so much it’s hard to keep up

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