Mark Vaughn v OBS

The day Mark said he left College early because his Tutor’s were a level behind him (jesus wept) i think everybody knew this was a bloke who was nuts.

But, week after week, month after month, he still somehow convinces his ‘followers’ that he’s a programming genius and all the tech waffle he tries to palm people off with, is actually true!

And the thing with liars is, eventually, they start to believe their own guff.

But then when they try and spin their nonsense on people who DO know what they are talking about, it often ends in embarrassment.

Here is Mark trying to tell the coders of OBS what they should be doing…








** You can read the full page HERE

So as you can see, Mark isn’t the great coder/programmer he likes to tell you. Not only that, he gets his ass spanked for trying to tell the real programmers what they should be doing and how.

I’ve been telling you all for ages that Mark only survives because of Github. I am yet to see anything original that he claims he has coded.

He’s a fraud, a scammer, and incredibly stupid.

But hey, why not keep on paying him your $15 a month, i’m sure he appreciates you 😉

11 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn v OBS”

  1. Zelda's Knight

    Never use apostrophes to write the plural of a word. You people on this blog love to criticize other people, but you’re in no way above them or on the same level. Mark has his own websites, he’s not wasting his time talking shit to people. What do you people here have to show for yourselves? Babs is the biggest idiot of all. He is a piece of shit for what he did to Zelda.

    1. 666666

      Lol a shit website that doesnt work half of the time. Also he talks shit to and about other people ALL the time. He has probably shit mouthed you at some point whoever you are.

      If you are Mark himself you talk shit to yourself every time you look in the mirror.

      It is up to the individual as to whether they use apostrophes when typing a plural of a word. It is only in recent years that it has become acceptable NOT to use them.

      I can’t comment on the Zelda incident or whatever it was as I have no idea what the hell that is about. But Babs usually does his best to help people e.g. Zoe so Zelda must have done something really bad IF Babs did actually do anything.

      1. What i find strange about Mark (amongst many other things) is that he’s always telling people he’s not professional, hence him calling his viewers all sorts of insults.

        Yet when that delivery man left a missed note with ‘Nerd’ on it, he got all upset and went and made a complaint to his Manager.

        But then, that’s just typical Vaughns.

  2. Me

    What does autism have to do with this? It’s not cool to be using that to demean someone when it has nothing to do with the story. It’s an insult to people who are actually under the autism spectrum.

    1. Because if you read what it says on the image, i think that describes Mark to a tee.

      I know people have called him Autistic just as an insult, but you don’t need to be in the medical profession to realise that Mark Vaughn displays all the typical signs of somebody with Autism.

      1. me

        You’re not understanding. HE is not autistic. I AM. It’s unfair, rude, and outright disgusting to associate my condition with Mark Vaughn. He is not at all autistic, he’s just a sheltered mama’s boy. True autistic people have EMPATHY. He has none.

    2. RIPJanice

      Clearly Mark DOES have autism. That’s why he behaves like he does.

    3. Windsor PD

      Ryan FatFi you are a retarded piece of shit and no one cares what you have to say. Do you understand, fatass?

  3. ScuttlebuttsIsGay

    I laughed so hard today when I read the Github posts. Mark got completely owned. It’s like every day he wakes with with a mission how he can top the stupidity of the previous day. I’ve never seen stupidity on this level before. The dude is trying to use WebRTC which is a low latency videoconferencing protocol. The quality sucks. Sites like Twitch and Hitbox use HLS for good reason. Because it works on everything, and it’s great quality. I think it even supports 4k streaming. HLS is the STANDARD protocol for live video streaming.

    Why is Mark trying to get low latency video to work anyway? His site is 95% piracy. Who cares about a few seconds of latency when you’re watching a video or a TV show? NO ONE! So Mark would rather have better latency using WebRTC and poorer video quality to benefit his 10 social casters? Seems logical…

    You could literally set up HTML5 video in an afternoon with Wowza Media Server and VideoJS. HLS works out of the box with Wowza. I dunno why this idiot Mark can’t get something as simple as this to work.

  4. NormalHuman

    Why the hell did Google suggest this. Wth I wanna see crybaby jealous trolly rants. I thought this had something to do with OBS and it’s about some jealous crybaby cry. :S

    1. Windsor PD

      RyanHiFi aka Ryan Fields having another assburger’s meltdown. What else is new?

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