Scuttlebutt: Another Teen Lover Revealed

Well well well, just like the Politicians and Hollywood stars, once one gets exposed, it never stops. What makes these all the more ironic is, MonkeySniffer and Scuttlebutt have laid into people like Nedrauk for him befriending teen boys online, while they have been doing the exact same thing, only with young girls.

Lets start with ex JTV and current VL caster Cortney5. Scuttlebutt has never tried to hide the fact that he adores Cortney:

* Credit to Nicole Shrout for the following info:


In fact, he’s liked her since she was about 17-18:


Now obviously Cortney is trying her hardest not to rock the boat over there after all the Monkeysniffer news, but lets take her at her word, and say she was 18. Eighteen…you get that Scuttles…eight-teen.

But just like MonkeySniffer, it’s not just one teenager Scuttles tends to follow online. Oh no!

Lets take a look at Theresa97, who he has been following since 2010:

And here is one of her Twitch profile pictures:

Nothing scandalous about that you might say (unless you don’t like dogs) but lets take a look at Theresa herself:

Looks pretty young to me.

So lets assume that the 97 in her username is the year she was born, that would make her 17 in those profile pictures.

But if you look at the dates those pictures were upload, 2014, would mean that when Scuttlebutt started ‘following her’ she would of been 13yr’s old!

Now that sir, IS the act of a Paedophile.

Theresa isn’t the only young one Scuttles seems to enjoy watching….

Now correct me if i’m wrong, but Scuttlebutt insists Ned is a Paedophile because of the teen lads he follows through his bodybuilding Vlogs, so by that logic, we are now expected to address Scuttlebutt as ‘pedoScutts” i assume?

I mean, it’s not like Scuttlebutt is a young man himself. The one person who, even by Scuttlebutts admission, has spoke to him on Skype, had this to say:

Now whenever Scuttlebutt is quizzed about this, his reply is always ” just because i sound old doesn’t mean i am”

No, of course not, i’ve often spoken to guys who are in the 20’s who sound like they are 50+ LOL

It’s not a good day to be a blogger in poor Scuttlebutts and Monkeysniffer land !


5 Thoughts to “Scuttlebutt: Another Teen Lover Revealed”

  1. it is probably just another glitch

  2. ps you literally nailed it, scuttlebutt is literally a child molester.

  3. Babs

    Wow !! ,, SHOCKING !!

  4. Stuff

    18 is a legal age over in the States, so if she was 18 when she met them…that’s not illegal.

    1. all parties are in the United Kingdom.

      Scuttlebutt and Theresa.

      legal age is 16

      Scuttlebutt added her when she was 13, we have reason to believe scuttlebutt is in his late 60’s, carry on.

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