jStevieo Does It Again (Updated)

Since he first doxxed himself live on cam (which was recently released) Stevie tended to be a lot quieter on the streaming front. But now he knows all his info is public, he rather bizarrely decided to try and up the ante and doxx his whole family lol.

*This is a very long video, about an hour and half, but all the contradictions and then his doxxing of just about every family member meant i had to put up as much as i could, just so you can see how much of a liar (and poor one at that) and a hypocrite this dude really is.


There was so much to laugh at in there, but i think the most embarrassing part is his claim that NO pizza’s got through, then goes on to say the Police wanted him to go down the station to make a statement on NO pizza’s being delivered to his door lmfao……

That must of took all of 5 seconds.

Detective: So Mr Orr, are you willing to make a signed statement that NO pizza’s have been delivered to your property?

JSO: Oh boy! Sure, i can sign it it 7 different languages you know? And did you know my Mother was well respected by both the IRA and the Loyalists? Just because she couldn’t stop my brother being beaten to a pulp in jail is irrelevant, the fact remains, nobody messes with my family.

Detective: err…just sign there please and don’t call us, we’ll call you…

JSO: And did i tell you about the time i issued a death threat to IP live online? Oh boy, what a day that was. I told him that unless he apologises to Caine for posting what are NOT Caines family (according to Caine himself) all over the blogs, that my IRA contacts back home will follow him and break all his bones? Oh boy! that showed him. The fact he never apologised to this day, is irrelevant, i still showed him who’s top dog round here so i did.

Detective: The exit is second on the left Mr Orr, have a good day, and be sure to contact us should you ever NOT receive any more takeaways….


What a fucking full blown plum this guy really is…Jesus wept!

** New Footage Thanks To Babs:





5 Thoughts to “jStevieo Does It Again (Updated)”

  1. The_Maze

    Lol a conversation of pizzas being ordered online , j stevios mind is in disorder he cant keep up with all the lies he says

  2. Denise Hameka

    oh BOY ! looky here ! the so called “FLAGGED” video is back and here to stay !

    a certain JAJA will be TRIGGERED ME THINKS ! jaja

  3. Liam De Graaff

    great oWNAGE ! KARL ! and BABS ! me thinks the JAJA will be triggered ! oh boy ! could you say OWNED ?

  4. That Porno Bitch

    JStevieO isn’t going to like what’s coming his way. Jajaja

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