Sarah62 Explains Her Freedom

Now she’s out of jail, all sorts of different theories are being spouted on the other place as to how she got released. While i can’t confirm 100% that what she says is true, maybe our American friends can confirm that this is how the US system works?




So what happens when she is on probation, will she no longer be able to drink alcohol?

Here in the UK, if you get done for drink driving, as long as you don’t try and drive another vehicle whilst banned, you can get as drunk as you like, when you like.








4 Thoughts to “Sarah62 Explains Her Freedom”

  1. Ashley

    Really? She blames the other driver? No remorse. And “only” her 3rd dui. This is amazing.

  2. TookieTookie

    Nebraska is one of the toughest states. Other DUI’s from other states count. This is #4 and an automatic felony. She will lose her license for 15 years, not that it matters because she drove without one anyways. She thinks she’ll get probation. Not likely, she’ll get some mandatory prison time. How long? Depends on the BAC level at time of arrest. She takes no accountability for her actions or shows any remorse. If anyone in the court sees this video of her drinking and the video where she was drinking and then drove to Dunkin Donuts, it won’t be pretty. The felony alone will screw her up for life. I hope it was worth it.

  3. Anonymous

    what a dumb alcoholic cunt, does not give a fuck about anybody but herself, and that is what makes her dangerous. got out of jail and immediately went to go get drunk and fuck her boyfriend and act like a stupid bitch online instead of spending time with her kid. hopefully the courts do whatever it takes to keep her off the streets. clearly she is an alcoholic, she has failed rehab, and her repeat dui’s and lack of concern for herself or others with her drinking means she needs to either have her license permanently revoked and/or incarceration. sarah cannot seem to grasp that nobody gives a fuck about her, it is the innocent people she is endangering when she drives intoxicated people are concerned about.

  4. nick

    What a dumb cunt… Shes still drinking mark this day, SARAH will go to prison for years!!! She couldn’t have killed someone. Useless piece of trash!!!

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