Clips Of The Week Ending 01-10-2017

This week we have a ‘Chris Free’ clips of the week, make of that what you will 😉

Still, we welcome the old Simon back, Rizzo flashes, and we learn what happened the time Mark Vaughn went gambling in Vegas.

As well as where your VIP money is probably going.



Ryderbak: I’m Now A White Supremacist:


I’ve always said that Ryderbak is at his best when he’s drunk, drugged up, or preferably both.

The nice, friendly Simon just wasn’t the same. He’s far more entertaining when he’s going at people, full barrels.

And i just wish i had the time to go through and edit the full weeks worth of ‘Ryder Rants’, especially his clashes with Jimmy Rizzo.

But here he is, along with Scotty74, declaring that he’s now a fully paid up racist.

And all this because somebody mentioned Blackburn Rovers LOL.


Mark Vaughn: I Earn Too Much Money:

I really do like Marks daily casts. I think it lets you see deeper in to the mindset of the CEO of VaughnLive, and it usually does end up quite revealing.

The first video gives a little clue as to just how much money the Vaughns are making, and how much they are paying out to the likes of the Taxman, household bills, and other expenses.

Three people in the household, but can’t do without five vehicles? Sorry, but i think he will find it hard to gain sympathy from people who probably can’t afford to waste $15 a month in VIP’s, that do no more than what a few free scripts from the internet do, but keep paying it, in the belief that Mark ‘needs’ their support.

Also, here in the UK, you wouldn’t start paying 50% Tax unless you were taking home a very good wage. I don’t know if it’s the same in Tennessee, maybe somebody who lives out there can confirm, but the next time Mark does one of his “VIP’s save me from worry” speeches, just remember these little things.


Mark Vaughn: My Big Vegas Gamble:

So, with all this cash to throw around, a trip to the Casino’s in Las Vegas was probably not one of the greatest ideas. We’ve seen how Chris can easily blow all his money on slot machines in minutes, so imagine being a stressed out CEO, ready to let your hair down and release some tension.

Wins $3 and scams free drinks.

For the life of me, i can’t understand why Mark is still single?


Mark Vaughn: Off To The Docs For A Blow:

Are you also getting that feeling that Mark should of just stopped his cast?


Mark Vaughn: 16k To Fix Eyes – Keep VIP’s Coming:

So Mark doesn’t like glasses. Aww.

Look, everybody is entitled to spend their money on whatever they choose, and if he wants to spend 16k on some lens implants, then of course, that’s his right.

But what i’m getting at here is, you can’t play the poor, struggling, depressed guy, just trying to make a buck with his little site (as he liked to call it when he was asking people to use Adblock on other sites but not his) then start talking about how many thousands a month you currently pay out for luxuries, and not expect people, some who are directly funding this lifestyle, not to start thinking they are being had over.

I’m sure there are plenty of users who would like to save up so they don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses, or have 5 cars, or pay hundreds a month for cable tv, but decide to give you some of that money to pay for what essentially does nothing more than what a few free programs would do, with a little avatar thrown in for good luck.

Knowing this, i guess a lot still pay it, mainly because Mark often throws it out there on his casts, how the VIP’s save him stress and worry.

Is that not implying to them that without their money, he would be struggling?

Is that not similar to what SexyChris used to do, to get people to pay for his beer?

By all means, buy the luxuries you want, just don’t play on peoples emotions to get it.


Rizzo Flashes The Cash:

Talking of cash, Jimmy was also throwing his wealth about this week, although not quite as much as Mark lol.

Go on, own up, who also sat and counted it as he was doing it?

Those Ghanaian prostitutes would be drooling over Jimmy’s cheesy flagpole if they saw that.

But seriously though Jimmy, don’t be waving £600 in cash around when you are as unfit as you are.

There are some druggies out there that would kill you for that kind of money. And especially if they know the person can’t put up a fight.


Till next time, take care, be safe, and no matter how bad life seems, remember, there really is somebody worse off than you 😉







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