Karma Bites MeNellie Right In The Ass

What happens when you open mail that belongs to somebody else?

Well in Chris Whiles case, he ended up getting arrested.

In Nellie’s case, well, watch and see 😉

Credit for the following video goes to those that emailed this in:

He goes to the trouble of trying to hide his address on the box, then openly shows the letter that came with it, and exposes his address lol.

Most people have known Nellies info since he doxxed himself by showing his webcam pointing to the front of his flats, just days after Angela136 gave out her address. But those that missed that, there it is.

Well done Nellie, you sure did well there 😉









One Thought to “Karma Bites MeNellie Right In The Ass”

  1. Post Thief

    That is a criminal act post office act 1908 has anyone reported him to the police? What he did is stealing, That could have been a gift for christmas what a shame how long is this person going to keep pushing? I do feel empathy for the person who owned that parcel, That item is worth £30 of someones hard working money unlike nellie who is fit for work but claims money as being disabled? while spending thousands on pc items from his benefits, I bet he has a a nice wealth of money in his bank account as well, Very greedy self indulged excuse of a human being just like chris take take take.

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