Cherrybreeze: My Sex With David Blaine

She’s the lady who’s shared a bed with some of the biggest stars on the planet.

From David Sponheim to Tobiman33, she’s the woman that A-listers just can’t stop dropping their pants for.

And yesterday, she explained how the magician David Blaine and herself had a serious relationship, and how Amir Khan is her best buddy.

No, seriously….

Just out of curiosity, i did as she suggested, and Googled her romance with the magic man.

And here’s the results:


As you can see, they have kept Zoe’s name off that list. I can only assume that is to stop all those plain looking ex’s of his from getting jealous 😉



*Watch out for next weeks who’s shagged Zoe where we will be revealing all about her 7yr relationship with Barack Obama, and how she persuaded him to bomb the Taliban, in revenge for her Muslim neighbours keeping her awake during the day!

















One Thought to “Cherrybreeze: My Sex With David Blaine”

  1. Cherry Has Rotten Teeth

    Sure, David Blaine can sleep with any woman on the planet and he’s going to choose a woman with rotten teeth who’s on top of everything insane.

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