Miss Scruffy: I’m Dying!

Normally, this would be where we forget all that’s happened in the past, and send our thoughts out to the poor person that is going through the awful torment of knowing you won’t be here much longer.

But, this is Scruffy we are talking about, and as much as i hate to think that this is just another troll to gain sympathy, ala Niclrc style, both Mark and herself have been somewhat economical with the truth in the past.

It all started when she came into theFaroe’s cast to give him a spanking about turning his IM’s off, and harassing every female on VL lol.

Then the subject got a whole lot more serious, when theFaroe tries to blame his stalking on his depression.

No, i should imagine it’s not!

Now like i say, whether this is 100% true, and she has some terminal illness, i don’t know.

But if it is legit, and she doesn’t have long left, then i genuinely do feel for her, Mark, and of course Mr Scruffy.

You might not agree with the actions of another human, but unless they are a child/animal abuser, i wouldn’t wish death on anyone.






17 Thoughts to “Miss Scruffy: I’m Dying!”

  1. faroe over on ivlog lol he must of got a spanking from queen scruffy lol

  2. EatAFatOne

    Faroe? ZZZZZZZZZZ. Scruffy dying, yah sure she is. One thing is true. VAUGHN is dying, and theres no lying about that.

  3. Miss Scruffy's Doctor

    No sympathy for this lying, two-faced, mercury filled bitch at all. Hurry up and croak, you malignant toxic termagant.

  4. Wayne

    After reading all the bullshit on skittlepedos blog. i’m SLOWLY going retarded.

  5. ChicagoKnight

    Was that a slam against Niclrc?

    1. 666666

      Some people dont like stupid pitiful bitches lying about having breast cancer just to get sympathy like Niclrc did. One minute she had it then the next she was cured all in two weeks or so. Hate that lying POS same as if Scuffy is lying about dying she would also be nothing but a lying c**t

  6. Huntley-Brinkley Report

    Scruffy Death Watch – DAY FOUR.

    Any updates, Chet?

    Yes, David. We’ve heard from her doctor that she has seborrhea, gonorrhea, diarrhea and pyorrhea.

    Well Chat, anything else?

    Yes David, she also has worms, which is good because her husband likes to fish.

  7. Sure Cock Holmes

    Mark is all broken up over his mother’s announcement. Here’s a post he did:


    It is plainly obvious just how seriously he is taking this news.

  8. Mark the Coding Genius

    According to reliable sources based in secret government organizations, Scruffy isn’t dead yet. When reached for comment, the Minister for the Shortly To Be Dead replied that he had high hopes that Scruffy would soon be leaving his purview and transitioning to the portfolio of the Minister Of The Newly Dead.

    Meantime, from Buckingham Palace we have reliable information that Her Majesties Corgis are still pooping in front of the portrait of George VI.

  9. Reaper, Grim

    Hey, I just heard some news!

    Scruffy still isn’t dead.


  10. Ben the Bastard

    Funny in her coming off with that because during early January 2015, I was in the middle of a personal issue, my father was dying and he passed away March 2015, Being in January at that in the middle of intense pressure I was under at the time, the time Scruffy wouldn’t listen to me that I had no part in streaming porn to that site of her’s, and I say her’s mind because I aint personally talked to Mark Vaughn, even when I had requested too. Wouldn’t accept or even so much as take any heed to me that I had no part of what she was accusing me off, wouldn’t take the time to listen to restore my vaughn account when I protested her accusations.

    Karma’s a bitch though now that this is coming out, Scruuffy, you cold bitch, you couldn’t die soon enough. And very much good riddens to you woman for to me, your nothing but an arrogant ignorant stuck up cunt..

    1. Sir David of the BBC

      You, sirra, need to learn to spell complicated words such as “riddance” before you bandy them about in public.

      Now get back to the stables and shovel my horse’s excrement, you churlish knave.

      – Sir David Attenborough, OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FLS, FZS, FSA

      Will one of you loutish knaves please cart that Scruffy woman off to a morgue? I give nary a pence whether she is dead or not; she smells bad and my nostrils are offended by her stench.

  11. Phil O. Sopher

    This woman…….

    She says she is dying, and right this very moment she is broadcasting herself playing fucking MINECRAFT on her shitty website.

    Now who is to say how we should spend our final hours on this planet? I can speak only for myself, but I would be out spending my last dollar on hookers and blow in a speedboat headed to Antigua or maybe St Kitts running wide open running over Manatees and baby seals every foot of the way.

    Oh well, to each their own, I suppose.

  12. Matthew Amroliwala

    This just in from BBC World News Service (insert sounds of teletype machines here)…

    Scruffy is STILL not dead.

    Not since Zsa Zsa Gabor has someone been not dead for this long.


  13. His Eminence The Pope Francis the 266th

    All around the world, the masses have gathered at their respective houses of worship, waiting for word, word which, as likely as not, will never come.

    Yes, it seems that Scruffy is still not dead, despite her self-professed declaration that she was about the take that long last ride down to the River Styx, board Charon’s Ferry and step into Hades, there to drink deeply from the fountain of Lethe and leave her mortal cares behind.

    Still waiting, still hoping, still watching that paint dry…

  14. Royal Price O'bey T. Tomato

    Hello. I am a Nigerian Prince who has recently come across large somes of curincy on deposit at First Nation Bank of Republic Nigeria. In order to access this money, I need credit information of Patrick Lin Vawn of Tennis Sea, USA. I understand she is to die soon, weather by her disease of sickness or some other cause due to Japan Hashimoto infections. Upon access of her information, large some can be released to me and I send you 51% of total withdraw by means of carriar pigeon or your means of delivery as you specificate in communication.

    Act now, because if Hashimoto infections claim deposits of Vawn first, no access to somes of money will be possible.

    O’bey Tomong Tomato
    Prince in Full of Nigeria

  15. Patrica Lynn Anonymous

    Hey! Am I still alive?

    Goddamn doctors.

    Well, if I’m not dead now, I will be any minute. Trust me on this. Have I ever lied to any of you?

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