jStevieo: I Don’t Do Skype

The hilarious Mr Orr was back on Ivlog today, after a three week rest ( probably sick of eating pizza’s) and true to form, the hilarious tales just kept on coming.

He starts off with an odd claim that not only does he not troll people, but he also never uses Skype!

And i’m not sure who his ‘info supplier’ is, but he sounds about as reliable as Monkeysniffers if he thinks that somebody using the name jStevieo is posting in our chat on a daily basis.

First off, let me remind you Stevie, that since you registered your username from when you used to chat on this site, that unless you gave your password away, then nobody else could register that name.

And secondly, i don’t know what year you are talking about, but i have not seen your name in here since you rage quit over my refusal to ban IP.

But i think the most amusing part of the whole cast, was him playing Daniel (Monkeysniffers) favourite song that PG dedicated to him.

And he says he doesn’t troll LOL.








3 Thoughts to “jStevieo: I Don’t Do Skype”

  1. Lol

    This is the same retard who says he doesnt get involved in drama either and every time you turn around he’s bashing somebody. I dont blame him for not doing Skype while he’s casting, his casts would go from 10 FPS to a whopping 2. I guess that’s what happens when you have third world internet.

  2. his worst nightmare

    if you want dirt on this guy contact me

    1. Anon

      How to contact you?

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