When It’s Time To Take A Step Back

What is going on at my beloved VaughnLive lately?  There has been a sudden influx of DMCA’s on casters, with people like Weewee and Edge Of Eight losing their channels, also this crazy banning of IP’s if they look like a VPN IP?

I have been watching Vaughn since the beginning virtually, in fact it was when Angela136 kept getting banned from JTV for showing her bits lol, and she found Vaughn and brought us all over.

In all that time, i never ever witnessed anybody lose their channel due to a DMCA complaint. So what’s caused the mad surge in them now? People snitching? The site too popular? I have no idea, but surely a message to the caster to take down the content immediately would be better than just closing the channel and banning them completely?

Also, this attempt at banning all VPN’s from the site. I lost 3 IP’s myself, before i found a way round it, but some people are getting IP banned, even though they are not using a Proxy or VPN.

But for me, the most disturbing thing, is they way Mark and Scruffy are losing it with casters and viewers alike.

Mark always came across as a really laid back kind of guy, and i would of never of expected comments like these from him:

Mark in Vera's cast

Mark in Vera's cast2

Mark in Vera's cast3

Mark in Vera's cast4

That’s not the Mark of old.

This then set the haters off..

Mark in Vera's cast1

Bit extreme, even from a troll lol.

Even Slaya felt the wrath:

Mark in Vera's cast7

Mark in Vera's cast8

I was watching the cast at the time, and to be fair to Slaya, she said nothing to deserve a ban in my opinion.

I love you guys, and the website, but its coming across all wrong.

Maybe time to just take a back seat, let the channel owner police their own channel and unwind for a few days or so.

Stress is a killer, and nobody wants anybody to be ill.

Just my opinion.

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One Thought to “When It’s Time To Take A Step Back”

  1. Angie2013

    No idea either whats going on, but seems pretty stressful whatever it is, Mark and Miss scruffy dont usually react so easily, so surprised with what mark said.
    and with whats happening on vaughn at the moment.

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