All You Need Is Love

You know, Hipperz was correct in what he was saying on his last couple of broadcasts. There is far too much hate and anger in the world. And with Hippz turning over a new leaf and leaving all that drama in the past, we just wondered if others would take his advice and follow suit.

A perfect case would be the somewhat strained relationship between Mark Gronan and SexyChris. I mean, Mark did say a couple of times, live on Skype, that he would leave Chris alone should all charges against Chris be dropped.

So with a couple of months gone by, and time for the dust to settle, lets see if they can now put their issues behind them and get along like civil grown men?


Ok, maybe that relationship was too far gone for any realistic hope of a truce being called.

But what about the more recent fall out with Cory?

That should be easier to mend?

Oh eck! I see the festive spirit is still well and truly packed away in Barrow.

Oh well. Maybe there is some love being shared elsewhere on VL.

Let’s visit Zoe, Cherrybreeze, she’s usually quite easy going….

This love spreading is not going too well at the moment Hipzz 🙁

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9 Thoughts to “All You Need Is Love”

  1. Real talk

    Can you feel the love tonight….. lolz where do we start.
    Chris gave it Mark Gronan big time and Gronan lost,
    as for the argument with Cory, chris and angel are now friends with the biggest two faced one out of the all Dj systems, did he not share them skype videos of Angel the So called Private ones,,,, ummmm.
    Chris has also for gave Menellie for his fair share of fall outs.
    One thing i will say though is Chris you have called plenty of people a pedo, if you dont like the word and it upsets you dont call it others, so cory give it a few days and all will be forgiven. Angel does Troll chris.
    oh and as for Cherry Breeze she’s a potty mouth wanna be gangsta

  2. Baboultr

    As Im friends with Both Zoe and Kirsty I was in a very awkward position being in the middle of all that Lmao

    Good Clips 🙂

  3. shit talk

    shit talk talking shit aka bosshog waynefromny lol

  4. retardwaynefromCPland

    How can it be real talk? While hiding in a bogus name..What a douchebag retard crusty flick from Rizzo’s tree hands, Go back to the chat section where you sit all day mouthing off with your cocksucker about people wayne!..or get googling the CP you always google.

  5. maddy

    angelstormee how dare you fucking ban me from a room when i did nothing wrong you fucked up control freak, thanks to uk muppets for the vid so i could see who banned me and to amyy for giving me mods i dont know you think you are angelstormee but you seriously got some mental issues going on banning people for just saying hi

    1. 666666

      Not sure if that is the real Maddy only Karl can tell but you had or maybe still have a good relationship with Chris and that is a NO NO for her. She is a control freak and so scared Chris will replace her but don’t worry Angel as long as you keep the money coming you will be safe.

      Sorry Maddy anyone especially female with a pas with Chris (of any sort) will get an instant ban, she would love to stick it to Amy but that is the one person she is too scared to do it to ATM but no doubt she will find a way in the end.

      1. 666666

        Past I mean no pas although that is probably just as bad to Angel

  6. LucasAid

    Ahhh seeing this footage is like going back to the good old days of when Chris did a cast, the ones where he (and others) would get shit faced on loads of different types of alcohol, have shouting and slagging contests and have loads of tantrums when nothing is going there way.
    Although those who have had the pleasure of Chris on a Skype call (and others in that circle) in recent times know that nothing has changed with them at all,drunkeness,being rude,lewd and just taking the piss has been the norm.

    I do wonder though if the new laws/guidelines that have been announced today might change how people go about “doxxing” or making their lives a misery ?
    You can read about it here –

    1. Interesting article, thanks. Doxxing is one of those grey area Laws. To disclose a persons name and address is, and always will be Legal. When it becomes illegal is when those details are released and are done so with the intention of harassing or threatening the person.

      This article could have some major repercussions for Mrs Roper and Janice though. Janice aka Monkeysniffer, for the Photoshops, and Mr’s Roper, for being the registered owner of where they doxx people and issue threats of harassment with it.

      I think there will be a few squeeky bums over there now, or at least there should be 😉

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